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Corporal Recruiting Program

The Army wants outstanding soldiers who are or soon will be SPCs or CPLs to become recruiters. If you want to become a Corporal Recruiter, first check your eligibility, then read the additional guidance and finally, prepare your application. You will need Adobe Acrobat to review some of the documents in this web site. If you do not have this application loaded on your computer, you should download Adobe Acrobat. If you have questions after reviewing the information above, you should call:

DSN: 536-0215, COMM (502) 626-0215

DSN: 536-0210, COMM (502) 626-0210

DSN: 536-0457, COMM (502) 626-0457

DSN: 536-0465, COMM (502) 626-0465

DSN: 536-0105, COMM (502) 626-0105



1. Meet the basic recruiter qualifications outlined in para 2-4, AR 601-1. (The minimum age of 21 does not apply to the E4 program. However, the maximum age is 25).

2. Be an E4 non promotable, or a PFC, eligible for promotion to E4 without waiver (have 24 months time in service) prior to departing your losing command/installation.

3. Be single without any family members. This is a one year tour if you are single. If you are married, you must contact your branch manager to be DA Selected. You are authorized 2 family members (spouse and child) for the detailed corporal program. This is a two year tour if you are married.

4. Have 12 months Time on Station (TOS) if you are stationed in CONUS or OCONUS on a long tour (you may submit your application when you have 9 months TOS). If you are OCONUS on a dependent restricted tour (such as Korea), you must have completed at least 5/6ths of the tour (you may submit your application when you have 6 months TOS).

5. Have a minimum of 2 years Time Remaining in Service (TRS) after completing the Army Recruiting Course (ARC) and arrival to your recruiting assignment. The 24 month TRS does not include leave and travel time enroute. If you do not have the required TRS, you must extend or reenlist to meet the 24 month TRS obligation before departure from your losing command/installation. Ensure you add 2-3 months to your extension/reenlistment time so you will have 24 months remaining till ETS after attending ARC and allowing for any leave.

6. Review these MILPER messages and AR 601-1:

MILPER message 02-075, Corporal Recruiter Program
AR 601-1, paragraph 2-4

Additional Guidance

1. OCONUS based soldiers:
a. If serving on a dependent restricted tour, you are not eligible until you complete 5/6ths of the tour.
b. If you are curtailed to participate in this program, you will be awarded short tour credit IAW AR 614-30, Table 3-3, rule 2.
c. You will attend the ARC TDY enroute to your recruiting assignment as a single Soldier. If you are married, then you will go TDY and return.
d. Upon completion of recruiting duty, you will be reassigned to meet the needs of the Army.

3. While on recruiting duty, soldiers coming from CONUS assignments will continue to wear the unit patch of their unit of assignment. Soldiers from OCONUS assignments will wear the U.S. Army Recruiting Command’s (USAREC) patch.

4. USAREC has the authority to request waivers of promotion for soldiers who must be delayed or deferred from PLDC based on mission requirements.

5. Upon successful completion of the ARC, soldiers will be awarded the Special Qualification Identifier (SQI) “4” to indicate basic qualification as a recruiter and will be entitled to the full recruiter Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP) of $450 per month and wear the Army Recruiting Badge.

6. Bonus recipients are eligible and may be accepted into this program; however, commanders are requested to closely screen the recommended soldiers to ensure that those selected from low density MOSs do not significantly impact on unit readiness.

7. Your specific assignment will be coordinated by USAREC.

Application Procedures
(remember you need Adobe Acrobat to view some of these documents)

Example DA Form 4187
Example DA Form 4187-1-R (Chain-of-Command’s recommendations)

1. Submit a request on a DA Form 4187 through your chain-of-command up to the first Colonel or higher commander.

2. On the DA Form 4187 include 3 locations where you would like to be assigned and address any language proficiency beyond English. You can review this map to identify the three recruiting battalions where you wish to be stationed. Include the documents listed below with your application. Recommend you use an Army computer with the application Formflow to prepare the forms. Your computer should have the blank forms, if not, you can download these forms from the DA web site for all Army forms. You can view an example of these forms by clicking on each required form below.

a. DA Form 5425-R (Financial Statement) See note 1.
b. DA Form 5426-R (Colonel or higher Commander’s Evaluation). See note 2
c. DA Form 5427-R (Colonel or higher Commander’s Assessment) See note 2
d. Enlisted Record Brief (ERB) (Formerly the DA Forms 2A and 2-1)
e. DA Form 4187-1-R or endorsement to the DA Form 4187 with the Colonel or higher commander’s comments. The form or endorsement will, as a minimum, address the soldier’s suitability to become a recruiter.
1. Completion of the DA Form 5425-R is voluntary under the Privacy Act of 1974, but if not submitted, selection and assignment will be determined without specific consideration of financial status.
2. The first colonel commander in your chain-of-command must personally interview you (this may not be delegated) and complete DA Forms 5426-R and 5427-R.

3. Mail the original application to:


4. The process will require between 30-180 days to complete a background investigation. If you are CONUS, you will be allowed to go to school but will not PCS to your recruiting assignment until the background is completed.

5. Print the application checklist to ensure you have the complete packet. The DA Photo is not necessary for Corporal Recruiters.

Good luck in your endeavor of becoming an Army Recruiter.

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