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Completing the new NCOER (2006)

A well designed power point presentation on how to complete the new DA Form 2166-8. This presentation was submitted by SFC Timothy M. Rake. Below you will find some text from the presentation on the new NCOER.

Click here to download this presentation.

NCO-ER – Overview

Part I – Administrative Data

Part I, Administrative Data

Reason for Submission Codes

Part I, Administrative Data

Part I, Administrative Data

Reason Codes for Non Rated Time

Part I, Administrative Data

Part II is for authentication by the rated NCO and rating officials after they have completed their portions of the form at the end of the rating period.

NCO-ER may be signed 14 days prior to the “thru” date

Report can’t be forwarded to HQDA until the “thru” date

Reviewer’s signature and date can’t be before the rater’s or senior rater’s

Senior rater’s signature and date can’t be before the rater’s

Rated Soldier may not sign or date the report before the rater, senior rater, or reviewer

Part III – Duty Description

Part III provides for the duty description of the rated NCO

It is the responsibility of the rating officials to ensure duty descriptions are factually correct

Is an outline of the normal requirements of the specific duty position

Should show type of work required rather than frequently changing tasks

Used during first counseling session to tell the rated NCO what the duties are and what needs to be emphasized

May be updated during rating period

Used at the end of rating period to record what was important about the duties

Part III – Duty Description

Part III – Duty Description


Part IV – Army Values/Noncommissioned Responsibilities

Army Values/NCO Responsibilities is completed by the rater, including the APFT performance entry and the height/weight entry in Part IVc

Part IVa contains a listing of army values that define professionalism for the Army NCO

Army Values are needed to maintain public trust and confidence as well as the qualities of leadership and management needed to maintain an effective NCO Corps

Part IV – Army Values/Attributes/Skills/Actions


Narrative rules for Part IV Bullet Comments

Be short, concise, to the point

“S” in Soldier is always capitalized

General rule of thumb for numbers…If one word write it out.. If multiple words use the number (e.g. 19 is entered nineteen, 1,023 remains 1,023)

Be no longer than two lines, preferably one, and no more than one bullet to a line

Start with action words (verb) or possessive pronouns (his or her), preferably verbs

Personal pronouns (he or she) may be used

Use past tense when addressing NCOs performance and/or contributions

Double spaced between bullets

Preceded by a small letter ‘o’ to designate the start of the comment

Each bullet must start with a lower case letter unless it’s a proper noun that is usually capitalized and no punctuation at end

Specific example can only be used once; therefore, the rater must decide under which responsibility the bullet fits best

Narrative rules for Part IV Bullet Comments

second line of a bullet may start under the first letter of the first line as long as they are consistent

excellence or needs improvement ratings require mandatory bullets to justify rating

first bullet in each rating should be the strongest

hand written comments, underlining, italics, and excess use of capital letters cannot be used in bullets

quantify (avoid generalities), show impact, etc.

Part IV – Army Values/Attributes/Skills/Actions
(IVb-f Values/Responsibilities)


Exceeds standards; demonstrated by specific examples and measurable results; special and unusual; achieved only by a few; clearly better than others


received physical fitness badge

qualified entire squad as expert with M-16 and M-60

awarded the Expert Infantry Badge

Part IV – Army Values/Attributes/Skills/Actions
(IVb-f Values/Responsibilities)


Meets all standards. Majority of ratings are in this category; fully competitive for schooling and promotion. The goal of counseling is to bring all NCOs to this level.


shares experiences readily, constantly teaches Soldiers

Constantly seeking to improve, completed three sub courses during rating period

Coached and played on company softball team

Part IV – Army Values/Attributes/Skills/Actions
(IVb-f Values/Responsibilities)


Missed meeting some standard(s)


Was often unaware of whereabouts of subordinates

Had highest deadline rate in the company due to apathy

Unprepared to conduct formal training on three occasions

Part IV – Army Values/Attributes/Skills/Actions

Part IV – Army Values/Attributes/Skills/Actions



Part V – Overall Performance and Potential

Part V – Overall Performance and Potential

Part V – Overall Performance and Potential



Submitted By:
SFC Timothy M. Rake

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