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Sergeants Major Course

Developmental counseling statement sample covering Sergeants Major Course

Possible topics to discuss during counseling:

  • Meeting height and weight standards is an enrollment requirement
  • Attendance at the resident course is a PCS move with about 10 months time on station
  • Be physically fit and prepared for a rigorous physical fitness program
  • Decide whether to PCS with family for the resident course
  • Housing availability and standards of maintenance at the resident course
  • Responsibility for others while at the resident course is not the same as in a regular unit
  • The opportunity for civilian education is high. Have an education plan before you get to the resident course
  • The resident course takes place in a hot, dry climate, be prepared
  • A current physical is required
  • Ensure your security clearance is current and will not expire during the resident course
  • The importance of possessing a computer and computer skills
  • Non-resident course does not enjoy the same “break” for the normal duty routine that the resident course enjoys
  • Non-resident course students must meet the same academic requirements as the resident course students
  • Non-resident course students must still attend a two week resident course at the end of their studies
  • Non-resident course students must complete the course as quickly as possible and still accomplish normal unit responsibilities, i.e.; field problems, ranges, APFT, etc…
  • Consequences of failing or being removed from the resident/non-resident course
  • Resident course students have the opportunity to form professional relationships with many of their peers (networking)
  • Sponsorship of an international student
  • High blood pressure is very common for inprocessing students, get it under control before you go
  • Keep in touch with what’s happening in the real Army

Short Term Goal:

  • Develop a civilian education plan
  • Prepare the family and belongings for a PCS move
  • Maintain/improve physical fitness
  • Obtain a computer/improve computer skills
  • Pre-study for some of the more difficult subject areas, i.e.; graphics and overlays
  • Be promoted to Sergeant Major

Long Term Goals:

  • Graduate from the Sergeants Major Academy
  • Prepare for a follow on assignment as a Sergeant Major/Command Sergeant Major
  • Receive college degree
  • Conduct a second PCS move within 12 months
  • Graduate as a Master Fitness Trainer
  • Be appointed as Command Sergeant Major

Below is a space for you to list additional topics that may apply uniquely to your situation:

Possible Plan of Action: (Person counseled develops plan with counselor’s guidance.)

  • Develop an education plan with the education center
  • Complete a physical
  • Develop and implement and additional physical fitness plan geared for the academy and climate
  • Download the USASMA inprocessing guide from the internet
  • Conduct PCS planning and execution
  • Sign up on the Enlisted Leadership Development Network to stay abreast of current Army issues

Possible Leader’s Responsibilities: (This is only an example for you to use as a guide.)

  • Provide as much information as possible to the soldier
  • Assist with preparing for the PCS move
  • Help advise the soldier on an education plan
  • Provide POCs to assist with the transition to USASMA

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