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Second Job

Developmental counseling statement sample covering Second Job

Counseling Sample For:

  • Requested Permission to work a Second Job

Possible Key Points To Discuss During Counseling:

  • Request permission to work a seconded job
  • Understanding of military work requirements
  • Obtain permission form the Chain of Command
  • You will have to request permission to work a seconded job, outside the
    US Army. You will have to state the local address and phone number of
    the business you wish to work at.We also need the supervisor name and
    phone number

Business Address:___________________

Business Phone:_____________________

Supervisor Name:____________________

Supervisor Phone:___________________

Emergency Contact Name:____________

Emergency Contact Phone:____________

You are requesting approval to obtain a seconded job after duty hours.
However, this counseling session does not relieve you of military
responsibilities such as: duty rosters, field duty, deployments, or any
other duties / obligations that maybe required. Should there be any
conflict from your civilian job, remember your military duties will take

Platoon Sergeant:_______________________Approved/Disapproved
1st Sergeant:___________________________Approved/Disapproved
Platoon Leader:_________________________Approved/Disapproved
Company Commander:____________________Approved/Disapproved

Possible Plans of Action:

  • Base upon the counselingsession,___________________________,understands
    that his/hers military duties and responsibilities come first and
    should not interfere with there military duties.
  • Ensure soldier understands counseling session.
  • Have soldier fill out the correct information about job address/phone
  • Obtain soldiers work schedule so that proper accountability my be taken
  • Explain to soldier if any conflicts happen between there civilian job
    and military duty he/she may be asked to quit immediately.
  • If recommending disapproval state the reason why:

Possible Leader Responsibilities:

  • Obtain correct address and work phone from solder
  • Ensure soldier understands counseling
  • Have soldier obtain work schedule

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