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Prepare an M136 launcher (AT4) for firing

Station K – M136 LAUNCHER (AT4) – Point K-1

TASKS:. 1. Prepare an M136 launcher (AT4) for firing.

2. Perform misfire procedures on an M136 launcher (AT4).

TEST CONDITIONS: During daylight, given an M136 launcher (AT4) and an engageable target.


1. Prepare the M136 launcher (AT4) for firing within 15 seconds.

2. Apply immediate action within 45 seconds after someone announces, “MISFIRE”

SOLDIER’S MANUAL CROSSWALK: This task is the same as the STP 7 11BCHM SM TG tasks 071 054 0001, 071 054 0003and FM 23-25.

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED FOR POINT: An M136 launcher (AT4), clipboard, pencil, stopwatch, field table, and FB Form 20 28 R.

SITE SETUP: Provide a field table for the M136 launcher (AT4).

INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES: Say to the candidates–

“Let me have your attention. At this point you must prepare an M136 launcher (AT4) for firing and perform misfire procedures on an M136 launcher (AT4).

“You will prepare the M136 launcher for firing, simulate firing, and apply immediate action to correct a malfunction. A prefire inspection has already been performed on the M136 launcher. You have 15 seconds to prepare the M136 launcher for firing and to try to fire. At the end of the 15 seconds, I will announce, MISFIRE. You then have 45 seconds to perform immediate action for misfire.

“This is not a live-fire exercise. Your target is ___. You may fire from any position you choose. Do you understand what you must do?”

If anyone has questions, repeat the instructions but do not elaborate on what you have read.

Pause five seconds and then say–


Allow the candidate to proceed for 15 seconds. Once the candidate assumes a proper firing position and is ready to fire, say the following:

“You have tried to fire the M136 launcher (AT4), but it has misfired. Take appropriate action now.”

Allow the candidate to proceed for 45 seconds and then say–


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