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Perform individual camouflage


TASK: Perform individual camouflage.

TEST CONDITIONS: During daylight hours, given load-bearing equipment, vest, M16 series rifle or M4 carbine, Kevlar helmet with camouflage cover and band, camouflage sticks (or other material that can be used to camouflage exposed skin), and burlap or cloth strips.

TEST STANDARDS: Camouflage yourself, all exposed skin, and your individual equipment within twelve minutes. Ensure camouflage material does not interfere with the operation of your weapon or equipment.

SOLDIER’S MANUAL CROSSWALK: The standards for this task are the same as in STP 21-1-SMCT task 051-191-1501. The score card for this task was designed for the EIB and for testing large numbers of soldiers in a short period of time.

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED FOR POINT: Camouflage sticks or compact, burlap or cloth strips, LCSS, natural camouflage, small mirrors, field table, stopwatch, pen, clipboard, and FB Form 20-13.1-R.

SITE SETUP: Provide candidate with an individual work area, camouflage material, and mirror. Evaluate candidates at a distance of 20 meters on their overall ability to camouflage according to the performance measures. For example, the grader directs the candidate to an area that is exactly 20 meters from grader to candidate. The grader directs the candidate to execute facing movements to check front, sides, and back of candidate.

INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES: Say to the candidates–

“Let me have your attention. You will perform individual camouflage within twelve minutes. You will receive all necessary materials to do this. You must pass all performance measures. Do you understand what you must do? We do not evaluate this sequence.”

If anyone has questions, repeat the instructions but do not elaborate on what you have read.

Pause five seconds and then say–


Allow the candidate to proceed for twelve minutes and then say-


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