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Decontaminate yourself and individual equipment using chemical decontamination kit


TASK: Decontaminate yourself and individual equipment using chemical decontamination kit.

TEST CONDITIONS: In a simulated contaminated area, mission-oriented protective posture (MOPP) Level 2, with remaining MOPP gear available, you have a full canteen of water, a poncho, load carrying equipment (LCE), and assigned decontamination kit(s). Your skin and individual equipment are contaminated with a chemical agent.

TEST STANDARDS: Decontaminate your exposed skin and individual equipment using the M291 and M295 decontamination kits IAW TM 3-4230-229-10 and TM 3-4230-235-10.

SOLDIER’S MANUAL CROSSWALK: The performance measures in this task differ from those in TRADOC Common Core Task 031-503-1013. See TM 3-4230-229-10, TM 3-4230-235-10, FM 3-4, and FM 3-5 for references for this task.

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED FOR POINT: Sufficient M291 and M295 packets for each candidate, stopwatch, clipboard, field table, pencil, and FB Form 20-7.3-R.

SITE SETUP: Ensure the candidate has overhead cover.

INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES: Say to the candidates–

“Let me have your attention. At this point you must decontaminate your skin. You are at MOPP Level 2, and your remaining MOPP gear is available. You will use the M291 kit to decontaminate the exposed skin on your hand and then you will use the M295 decontamination kit to decontaminate your protective mask carrier.

“To receive a GO at this station you must complete all performance measures in ten minutes. If you do not complete all performance measures within ten minutes you will receive a NO GO. Do you understand what you are to do?”

If anyone has questions, repeat the instructions but do not elaborate on what you have read.

“The back of your right (left) hand and your protective mask carrier have been contaminated. When I say ‘Begin,’ take the appropriate action.”

Pause five seconds, then say–


Allow the candidate to proceed for ten minutes or until he has completed the task and then say–


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