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Load an M249 machine gun

Station M – M249 Machine Gun – Point M-2

TASKS: 1. Load an M249 machine gun.

2. Correct malfunctions on an M249 machine gun.

3. Unload and clear M249 machine gun.

TEST CONDITIONS: During daylight, given an M249 machine gun and scraper tool, blank ammunition with at least two good blank rounds followed by one expended round and then two more rounds.

TEST STANDARDS: Within 30 seconds, load, correct a malfunction, and unload and clear an M249 machine gun. Complete performance measures in the prone firing position.

SOLDIER’S MANUAL CROSSWALK: This task is based on FM 23-14 and on STP 7 11BCHM14 SM TG, task number 071 312 4027.

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED FOR POINT: An M249 machine gun for each candidate, scraper tool for each machine gun, blank rounds, stopwatch, and FB Form 20-32.2-R.

SITE SETUP: Place the M249 machine gun on the ground with the bipod extended. Lay out a ground cloth at each weapon. Set up blank ammunition with at least two good blank rounds followed by one expended round and then two more rounds. This setup creates the malfunction necessary to accomplish task M 2. Set up points M 1 and M 2 at a single site or at two separate sites.

INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES: Say to the candidates–

“Let me have your attention. At this point you must load an M249 machine gun, perform immediate action on an M249 machine gun, and unload an M249 machine gun. The purpose of this test is to determine your ability to load, correct a malfunction, and unload and clear the M249 machine gun.

“This point consists of three tasks. You must pass all three of them to receive a GO. In order to pass a task, you must correctly perform all of the performance measures for that task. If you fail any task at this point, you will retest all of Point M 2.

“Now listen carefully. You will have 30 seconds to load, fire, correct a malfunction, unload, and clear the M249 machine gun. When I say ‘BEGIN,’ you will immediately begin by loading and firing the weapon in the direction it is now pointed. The belt of ammunition you have by your weapon will produce a malfunction after you fire a few rounds. You must correct the malfunction and continue to fire the weapon until you have used all the ammunition. You will then unload and clear the weapon.

“You must accomplish all performance measures from the prone firing position. You may use only the equipment you will find on the ground cloth beside your weapon. After you clear the weapon, place it on the ground cloth.

“Do you understand what you must do?”

If anyone has questions, repeat the instructions but do not elaborate on what you have read.

Pause five seconds and then say —


Allow the candidate to proceed for 30 seconds and then say–


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