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Drill Sergeant Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications to be a drill sergeant, What installations are authorized drill sergeants, and more

Q: What are the qualifications to be a drill sergeant?

A: Qualifications for drill sergeant duty are outlined in AR 614-200, Enlisted Assignments and Utilization Management Chapter 8 Section-III .

Q: I was a successful drill sergeant and want to apply for a second tour, can I?

A: Yes, you can submit a volunteer packet requesting a second tour of duty. If you volunteer, meet all the prerequisites, and your career branch concurs with your request it is possible for a second tour of duty. There is a two week drill sergeant recertification course conducted at the Fort Jackson Drill Sergeant School that soldiers selected for a second tour of duty will attend. Contact the Drill Sergeant Assignment Team for additional information.

Q: What is the Drill Sergeant Assignment Preference Program?

Q: I failed background investigation can you tell me why?

A: See AR 614-200, Chapter 8, Para 15. This covers drill sergeant background screening. This includes the two types of disqualification’s and contact information for you to be able to get more information on which agency disqualified you.

Q: I failed background investigation can you tell me if there is an appeal process?

A: See AR 614-200, Chapter 8, Para 15b(22). This defines the appeal process for soldiers who are disqualified for enlisted assignments based on background screening.

Q: I was removed from the Drill Sergeant Program while on Drill Sergeant status. Is there an appeal and reinstatement process?

A: See AR 614-200, Chapter 8, Para 18 j-m. This defines the appeal and reinstatement process for soldiers removed from the Drill Sergeant Program while performing Drill Sergeant duty

Q. What installations are authorized drill sergeants?

A. Active component Drill Sergeants are currently authorized at 20 Army, 3 Air Force, and 4 Naval installations IAW approved DOD and DA directives.

Q. I am a drill sergeant candidate and I want to find out more information about my upcoming drill sergeant duty location. Where can I go for this information?

A. Drill Sergeant Assignment Locations

Q. I have read the HRC DS team entire web page and I still have questions. Who may I contact for resolution/answers?

A. You may contact any of the HRC DS Team Member(s) for general DS information that is not answered by this web page. For email contact, simply click on the name of the individual you wish to contact and email your question/inquiry. You may also call the Drill Sergeant Team at DSN 221-8070 or CM (703) 325-8070. DS Team fax number is DSN 221-4880 or CM (703) 325-4880.

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