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PFT Presentations 2004

» The Push Up
Conditioning Drill 2, Exercise 1, The Push-up

» The Push Up
Conditioning Drill 1, Exercise 10, The Push-up

» The Pull Up
Conditioning Drill 2, Exercise 4, The Pull-up

» The Power Jump
Conditioning Drill 3, Exercise 1, The Power Jump

» The Overhead Arm Pull
The Stretch Drill, Exercise 1, The Overhead Arm Pull

» The Mountain Climber
Conditioning Drill 3, Exercise 3, The Mountain Climber

» The Leg Tuck And Twist
Conditioning Drill 3, Exercise 4, The Leg Tuck and Twist

» The Leg Tuck
Conditioning Drill 2, Exercise 5, The Leg Tuck

» The High Jumper
Conditioning Drill 1, Exercise 3, The High Jumper

» The Forward Lunge
Conditioning Drill 1, Exercise 7, The Forward Lunge

» The Extend And Flex
The Stretch Drill, Exercise 3, The Extend and Flex

» The Bent Leg Body Twist
Conditioning Drill 1, Exercise 9, The Bent Leg Body Twist

» The Bend And Reach
Conditioning Drill 1, Exercise 1, The Bend and Reach

» Rear Lunge

» Laterals
The Military Movement Drill, Exercise 2, Laterals

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