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Skill Levels 2-4

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» 031-503-1023 (SL2) - Protect Yourself from Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Injury/Contamination When Changing Mission-Oriented Protective Posture Gear
Standards: Decontaminated individual gear and equipment without spreading contamination onto skin or undergarments. Set uncontaminated gear aside on an uncontaminated surface. Changed overgarments, overboots, and gloves without spreading contamination to the uncontaminated set of MOPP gear. Changed MOPP gear without yourself or your buddy becoming a casualty.

» 031-503-2001 (SL2) - Identify Chemical Agents Using M256-Series Chemical Agent Detector Kit
Standards: Identified chemical agents using an M256-series chemical agent detector kit without becoming a casualty.

» 031-503-2023 (SL2) - Measure Radiation Dose Rate and Total Dose
Standards: Performed operator preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS) on equipment used. Reported and recorded accurate readings (+ 5 centigray [cGy]) to supervisor. Complied with the commander's operation exposure guidance and turn-back dose rate without overexposing personnel.

» 031-503-3002 (SL2) - Conduct Unmasking Procedures
Standards: Conducted unmasking procedures without incurring casualties.

» 031-503-3004 (SL2) - Supervise the Crossing of a Contaminated Area
Standards: Supervised a unit crossing or passing through a nuclear, biological, or chemical contaminated area without producing additional casualties or spreading contamination.

» 031-503-3005 (SL2) - Submit an NBC 1 Report
Standards: Submitted the NBC 1 report with the required information. Completed and submitted a spot report (SPOTREP) to give an immediate attack notification.

» 031-503-3008 (SL2) - Implement Mission-Oriented Protective Posture
Standards: Implemented MOPP and directed soldiers to assume the appropriate MOPP level based on MOPP guidance from the commander. Identified all deficiencies and took appropriate corrective action for soldiers sleeping in MOPP 4.

» 031-503-3010 (SL2) - Supervise the Employment of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Markers
Standards: Supervised the employment of NBC markers. Ensured that the appropriate marker was selected, the required information was recorded on the marker, and the marker was properly emplaced. There is no change in standards if this task is performed in MOPP 4.

» 031-503-4002 (SL2) - Supervise Unit Preparation for a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Attack
Standards: Supervised unit preparation for a NBC attack. Prepared and protected materiel from becoming damaged, contaminated, or inoperable and unit personnel from becoming casualties. Standards are not degraded if performed in MOPP 4; however, because of the amount of physical work that must be done in this task, serious performance degradation may result if soldiers are in MOPP gear.

» 031-506-1053 (SL2) - Report Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Information Using NBC 4 Report
Standards: Reported NBC information using the NBC report. Completed NBC 4 reports with all heading information and mandatory line items (Q, R, and S for nuclear or H, Q, and S for chemical or biological). Included all other appropriate data, and ensured that each report was in the correct format. Disseminated completed NBC 4 reports to the proper authority.

» 031-506-2061 (SL2) - Conduct a Mask Fit Test
Standards: Conducted a mask fit test. Performed all the steps in sequence to verify the fit of a protective mask to an individual's face.

» 052-192-4053 (SL3) - Supervise Minefield Breaching Operations
Standards: Supervised minefield breaching operations. Created a safe lane through the minefield so the maneuver force could maintain its momentum without causing mine casualties to personnel and equipment.

» 052-195-3066 (SL3) - Direct Construction of Nonexplosive Obstacles
Standards: Directed the construction of obstacles that were tied to existing or reinforced obstacles to block, channel, or delay the enemy according to the mission brief or intent.

» 061-283-6003 (SL2) - Adjust Indirect Fire
Standards: Determined the target location to within 250 meters of its actual location. The initial call for fire was made within 3 minutes after the target was identified. Adjustments were sent within 45 seconds after each round impacted. Observer entered the fire-for-effect phase using no more than six rounds (initial round plus five for adjustment). Fire for effect was within 50 meters of the target using successive bracketing procedures (or creeping fire if danger close).

» 071-326-0608 (SL2) - Use Visual Signaling Techniques
Standards: Gave the proper procedures for each required action.

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