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224-176-2426 (SL2) - Enforce Compliance with Media Ground Rules

Standards: Identified the steps for enforcing media ground rules.

Conditions: Given a copy of your command/installation's media ground rules in a field, MOUT, or garrison environment, enforce compliance with the rules.

Standards: Identified the steps for enforcing media ground rules.

Caution: Media ground rules may change between various command levels within garrison, field, and deployment environments


Performance Steps

Note: Ground rules recognize the importance of media coverage of military operations and are not intended to prevent release of derogatory, embarrassing, or negative information. However, during operations, specific information on friendly troop movements, tactical deployments, and dispositions could jeopardize operational security and endanger lives.

Note: Commanders and public affairs practitioners will establish basic ground rules ensuring the free flow of information while safeguarding classified materials or operational plans.

1.   Obtain area-specific ground rules from the local public affairs office or representative.

2.   Define media ground rules. Media representatives are required to contact public affairs prior to conducting any media-related activities.

3.   Determine if the media representative is aware of area ground rules, if not explain violations.

4.   Be professional.

5.   Inform the chain of command and public affairs representative if ground rules are violated.

Evaluation Preparation:

Setup: Provide soldier with a copy of the media ground rules. Obtain ground rules from the local PAO, chain of command or refer to FM 46-1. Have one soldier play the part of a media representative.

Brief soldier: Tell the soldier media representatives are in the area and want to interview soldiers for a print or broadcast story. Evaluate the soldier on his ability to enforce media ground rules.

Performance Measures



1.   Ensured soldier knew where to obtain a copy of media ground rules.



2.   Ensured soldier could define media ground rules.



3.   Briefed media representative of violations to established ground rules.



4.   Reported ground rule violations to chain of command or public affairs representative.



Evaluation Guidance: Score the soldier GO if 70 percent or more of the performance measures are passed and NO GO if less than 70 percent of the performance measures are passed. If the soldier scores NO GO on a performance measure, show or tell him what was wrong and how to perform the measure correctly.






AR 360-1

FM 46-1