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071-326-0608 (SL2) - Use Visual Signaling Techniques

Standards: Gave the proper procedures for each required action.

Conditions: Given a requirement to use visual signals while mounted.

Standards: Gave the proper procedures for each required action.

Performance Steps

1.   Ensure the soldiers you are signaling can see you.

2.   Perform the visual signals for combat formations, battle drills, and movement techniques as outlined below:

a.  Perform formation signals coil and herringbone (figures 071-326-0608-1 and 071-326-0608-2).

Figure  071-326-0608-1. Coil

Figure  071-326-0608-2. Herringbone

b. Perform following drill signals:  Contact left, contact right, action right, action left, action front (right, left, or rear), air attack, and nuclear, biological, or chemical attack (figures 071-326-0608-3 through 071-326-0608-9).

Figure  071-326-0608-3. Contact Left


Figure  071-326-0608-4. Contact Right

Figure  071-326-0608-5. Action Left


Figure  071-326-0608-6. Action Right


Figure  071-326-0608-7. Action Front (Right, Left, or Rear), Fight on Foot,
or Assault Fire (Dismounted Troops)


Figure  071-326-0608-8. Air Attack


Figure  071-326-0608-9. Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Attack.

c. Perform movement technique signals: Traveling, traveling overwatch, and bounding overwatch (figures 071-326-0608-10 through 071-326-0608-12).

Figure  071-326-0608-10. Traveling

Figure  071-326-0608-11. Traveling Overwatch

Figure  071-326-0608-12. Bounding Overwatch, Cover My Move

d. Perform vehicle signals:  Move to the left, move to the right, move forward, attention, I am ready, or ready to move, are you ready, mount, disregard previous command, I do not understand, start engine or prepare to move, halt or stop, increase speed, advance, open up, close up, right or left turn, slow down, move in reverse, close distance between vehicles and stop, stop engines, dismount, neutral steer, stop, button up or unbutton, and message acknowledged (figures 071-326-0608-13 through  071-326-0608-36).

Figure  071-326-0608-13. Move to Left

Figure  071-326-0608-14. Move to Right

Figure  071-326-0608-15. Move Forward


Figure  071-326-0608-16. Attention


Figure  071-326-0608-17. I Am Ready, or Ready to Move, Are You Ready?


Figure  071-326-0608-18. Mount

Figure  071-326-0608-19. Disregard Previous Command or As You Were


Figure  071-326-0608-20. I Do Not Understand

Figure  071-326-0608-21. Start Engine, or Prepare to Move

Figure  071-326-0608-22. Halt, or Stop

Note. For alternate signal to stop vehicles, see figure 071-326-0608-34.


Figure  071-326-0608-23. Increase Speed

Figure  071-326-0608-24. Advance or Move Out

Figure  071-326-0608-25. Open Up

Figure  071-326-0608-26. Close Up

Figure  071-326-0608-27. Right or Left Turn

Figure  071-326-0608-28. Slow Down

Figure  071-326-0608-29. Move in Reverse (for Stationary Vehicles)

Figure  071-326-0608-30. Close Distance Between Vehicles and Stop

Figure  071-326-0608-31. Stop Engines

Figure  071-326-0608-32. Dismount

Figure  071-326-0608-33. Neutral Steer (Track Vehicles)

Figure  071-326-0608-34. Stop (Alternate Signal to Stop Track Vehicle)

Note. For an alternate signal to stop vehicles, see figure 071-326-0608-22.


Figure  071-326-0608-35. Button Up or Unbutton

Figure  071-326-0608-36. Message Acknowledged 

3.   Perform flag signals:  Single signal flag, mount, dismount, dismount and assault, assemble or close, move out and nuclear, biological or chemical hazard present (figures 071-326-0608-37 through 071-326-0608-43).

Note. When used alone, flag colors have the following meanings.  Red-danger, or enemy in sight.  Green-all clear, ready, or understood.  Yellow-disregard, or vehicle out of action.  During periods of poor visibility colored chemical lights or flashlights with colored filters may be substituted for flags.

Figure  071-326-0608-37. Use a Single Signal Flag

Figure  071-326-0608-38. Mount

Figure  071-326-0608-39. Dismount

Figure  071-326-0608-40. Dismount and Assault

Figure  071-326-0608-41. Assemble or Close

Figure  071-326-0608-42. Move Out

Figure  071-326-0608-43. Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Hazard Present

Evaluation Preparation:

Setup: At the test site, provide a set of vehicle signaling flags and flashlight. From the signals shown in the task, pick 10 to test.

Brief Soldier: Tell the soldier you will give the 10 signals and he must correctly execute each signal.

Performance Measures



1.   Executed proper formation signals.



2.   Executed proper drill signals.



3.   Executed proper movement technique signals.



4.   Executed proper signals to control vehicle drivers and crews.



5.   Executed proper flag signals.



Evaluation Guidance: Score the soldier GO if all performance measures are passed. Score the soldier NO GO if any performance measure is failed. If the soldier fails any performance measure, show what was done wrong and how to do it correctly.







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