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Suggestions for Recognizing and Using SAMC Members

1. Interview SAMC members as possible officer candidate school or warrant officer candidates.

2. Encourage assignments to leadership positions that will allow SAMC members to develop leadership skills.

3. Assign to instructor duties or positions and teach NCO Development classes.

4. Encourage further participation in off-duty education programs to set an example for younger soldiers.

5. Accompany Sergeants Major on unit visit and talk to individual NCOs.

6. Use their talents as:

a. Guest speakers at command information classes and seminars

b. Speakers at NCO Leadership Schools

c. Participants in various corps, division and brigade ad hoc committees.

d. Attendees at selected command briefings.

e. Greeters for VIPs visiting local commands.

f. Participants in sponsorship and reception programs.

7. Encourage their involvement in community activities, e.g. Youth Services, Army Community Service(ACS), Parent Teachers Associations (PTA).

8. Encourage them to help identify potential SAMC members.

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