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SAMC Score Sheet




I.�Common Areas������REMARKS

����a.� Reporting

����b.� Uniform and Appearance

����c.� Oral Expression

����d.� Military Bearing

����e.� SAM Bio

����f.� Describe Logo and Lineage

II.�Group 1�������REMARKS

����a.� Weapons� (BRM & AMT)

����b.� Land Navigation

����c.� Promotion Policy and Regulations

����d.� 25ID(L) & USARHAW StandardsBook

III.�Group 2�������REMARKS

����a.� NBC

����b.� First Aid

����c.� PFT & BFPFT and InjuryPrevention

����d.� Uniform and Awards (AR 670-1)

����e.� Leader Training & BF Training

IV.�Group 3�������REMARKS

����a.� Leadership� (include thenine competencies)

����b.� Counseling

����c.� Customs and Courtesy

����d.� NCOER

����e.� Army Values & Considerationof Others Training

V.�Group 4�������REMARKS

����a.� Maintenance

����b.� Supply Economy

����c.� Chain of Command/NCO SupportChannel

����d.� Joint Ethics Regulation

����e.� Administrative and Legal Actions

VI.�Group 5�������REMARKS

����a.� Soldier Support Activities

����b.� Education Programs (Military& Civilian)

����c.� Sponsorship

����d.� History of the NCO Corps

Recommendedfor Induction:� YES__________��NO__________



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