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Eligibility Requirements for EIB Candidates per USAIC Pamphlet No. 350-6

To be eligible for the EIB, candidates must meet prerequisites before the start dates for the EIB test. Unless stated otherwise, candidates may complete prerequisites within one year before the EIB test. The unit commander signs and provides the EIB board president with a roster of candidates for the EIB.

a. Individual Requirements. Each EIB candidate must fulfill the following eligibility requirements:

  1. He must hold active membership in the United States Army, USAR, or ARNG.

  2. He must hold a primary MOS in CMF 11 or 18B, 18C, 18E, 18F, 18Z, or 18A warrant officer’s position or be a commissioned officer in the infantry or in a Special Forces branch. An officer detailed by FB, PERSCOM to the infantry or to a Special Forces branch only meets this requirement during the time he is detailed to and serving in the infantry or Special Forces assignment.

  3. He must volunteer for EIB testing.

  4. He must meet the standard prescribed in AR 600-9, The Army Weight Control Program.

  5. He must pass APFT with 70% in each event for his age group.

  6. He must receive the recommendation of the current unit commander.

  7. He must qualify expert with the M16 series rifle/M4 carbine day (within last 12 months). The infrared laser must be conducted (PAQ-4 series) and AN-PVS-7B will be used for night qualifications to AIMSS standards IAW NO. 23-AIMSS (within the last six months of testing date).

  8. He must score expert on the 11C Gunner’s test day/night if he holds an 11C MOS.

  9. He must pass land navigation with AN/PSN-11 (PLGR) (day) and night land navigation within six months of testing date.

  10. He must pass EIB standards for the 12-mile foot march within 90 days of testing date.

  11. There is no limit on retests for the prerequisite tasks.

b.Unit Requirements.

  • All candidates take the test with a battalion-sized unit or larger.

  • A testing unit may not award the EIB to any soldier not assigned or attached to that unit. The testing unit will test all prerequisite tasks. Score sheets for the prerequisite tasks are not transferable.

  • A non-testing unit may not award the EIB.

  • A commander will certify the prerequisite tasks by using the current score sheet, and the president of the board will verify.

  • A commander may assign or attach a soldier to a testing unit for the sole purpose of testing if that soldier’s unit cannot conduct the EIB test.

  • A commander may not assign or attach a soldier who fails the EIB test to a different unit in order to allow the soldier to retest.

  • A candidate may take the EIB test only once each unit testing cycle, regardless of where he is assigned.

c.Notes to Commander. Commanders should carefully evaluate potential EIB candidates before recommending them to the EIB board. They should remember that each candidate awarded the EIB will represent the standards of the EIB for the remainder of his military career.

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