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The Pull Up

Conditioning Drill 2, Exercise 4, The Pull-up

“Demonstrator, POST. I will use the by-the-numbers method of instruction. Exercise 4 of Conditioning Drill 2 is The Pull-up.” (Demonstrator responds, “The Pull-up.”) “This is a two-count exercise that is always performed at a MODERATE cadence for 5 repetitions. The Starting Position is the extended hang using the overhand grip. Starting position, MOVE.” (Demonstrator moves into the starting position.)

“On the command of execution, UP of In cadence, UP, keeping the body straight, pull upward with the arms until the chin is above the bar. Throughout the exercise, keep the feet together. By-the-numbers,” (demonstrator responds, “By-the-numbers”), “In cadence.” (Demonstrator responds “In cadence.”) “Ready, UP.” (Demonstrator performs count one.)

“On the command of DOWN, this being count two, recover slowly to the starting position and sound off with the number of repetitions performed. Ready, DOWN.” (Demonstrator performs count two.)

The PT leader commands, “DISMOUNT.” (Demonstrator dismounts the bar utilizing the foot steps.)

“I will lead the demonstrator through three repetitions at a MODERATE cadence. The commands and movements are as follows: The Pull-up.” (Demonstrator responds, “The Pull-up.”) “Starting position, MOVE. (Demonstrator moves into the starting position.) “Without-the-numbers” (demonstrator responds, “Without-the-numbers.”) In cadence, (demonstrator responds, In cadence.”) “ UP, DOWN.” (Demonstrator states, “ONE.”) The PT leader will raise the inflection of his voice while counting out the movements of the third repetition and the demonstrator states, HALT upon returning to the starting position.

DISMOUNT.” (Demonstrator dismounts the bar utilizing the foot steps.) “Position of attention, MOVE.(Demonstrator assumes the position of attention.) “AT EASE.” (Demonstrator stands at ease.)

“What are your questions pertaining to Exercise 4 of Conditioning Drill 2, The Pull-up when executed in cadence or by-the-numbers?” (Clarify all questions.)

Demonstrator, ATTENTION. You will be my assistant instructor. FALL OUT.”