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The Sit Up

Conditioning Drill 2, Exercise 2, The Sit-up

“Demonstrator, POST. Exercise 2 of Conditioning Drill 2 is The Sit-up.” (The demonstrator responds, “The Sit-up.”) “This is a four count exercise that is always performed at a MODERATE cadence and will be executed in accordance with ASPT standards. The Starting Position is the supine position with knees bent so that the upper and lower legs form a 90-degrees angle, with the fingers interlocked behind the head. The feet may be up to twelve inches apart while only the heels need to stay in contact with the ground. Starting position, MOVE.” (Demonstrator moves smartly into the starting position.)

“On the command of execution, EXERCISE of In cadence, EXERCISE, this being count one, raise the upper body into the vertical position so that the base of the neck is above the spine. By-the-numbers,” (demonstrator responds, “By-the-numbers”), “In cadence.” (Demonstrator responds “In cadence.”) “EXERCISE.” (Demonstrator performs count one.)

“On count two, lower yourself in a controlled manner until the bottom of the shoulder blades touch the ground. Ready, TWO.” (Demonstrator performs count two.)

“On count three, repeat count one. Ready, THREE.” (Demonstrator performs count three.)

“On count four, return to the starting position and sound off with the number of repetitions performed. Ready, FOUR.” (The demonstrator performs count four and states, “ONE.”)

Position of attention, MOVE.” (Demonstrator assumes the position of attention.) “AT EASE.” (Demonstrator stands at ease.)

“What are your questions pertaining to Exercise 2 of Conditioning Drill 2, The Sit-up? (Clarify all questions.)

Demonstrator, ATTENTION. You will be my assistant instructor. FALL OUT.”

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