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National Guard Bureau

National Guard Bureau Branch Insignia Information

Branch Insignia: Two crossed gold color metal fasces superimposed on an eagle displayed with wings reversed, 3/4 inch in height.

On 12 July 1920, the Commission of Fine Arts was requested by the War Department to render assistance in the design of an insignia for the Militia Bureau. The citizen soldier is represented by the fasces, denoting the unity of the States, and the eagle represented the federal government. The original design and model were made by Anthony de Francisci, the sculptor, and were approved by the Commission. In a memorandum from the Chief of Staff to the Quartermaster General, dated 12 May 1921, the design and model submitted by the Commission of Fine Arts, was approved. The symbolism of the design, as expressed by the Commission of Fine Arts, was adopted and has remained the basic symbolism since then.

The Militia Bureau was redesignated as the National Guard Bureau on 15 June 1933, in accordance with Public Law No. 64, 73d Congress, and the name of the branch insignia was changed accordingly.

Branch Colors: Dark blue.

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