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Psychological Operations

Psychological Operations Branch Insignia Information

Collar Insignia: Crossed daggers with blade forming a lightning bolt, superimposed by a knight chess piece.

Authorized in November 1990 for wear by enlisted personnel assigned to the Psychological Operations Career Management Field (CMF 37). The knight chess piece is a traditional symbol of special operations and signifies the ability to influence all types of warfare. The lightning bolts represent the psychological operations ability to strike anywhere with speed and the two swords represent the combat capabilities.

Plaque: The plaque design has the Psychological Operations collar insignia, letters and rim in gold. The background is bottle green

Regimental Insignia: A gold color metal and enamel device 1 1/4 inches (3.18cm) in width overall consisting of a shield blazoned: Paly of three Argent (Silver Gray), Argent and Sable a wreath of laurel Proper and overall two lightning flash swords saltirewise superimposed by a chess knight Or. Attached below the shield is a green scroll inscribed “PERSUADE CHANGE INFLUENCE” in gold.

The Insignia was authorized November 18, 1998.

Regimental Coat of Arms: The coat of arms appears on the breast of a displayed eagle on the regimental flag. The coat of arms is: Paly of three Argent (Silver Gray), Argent and Sable a wreath of laurel Proper and overall two lightning flash swords salterwise superimposed by a chess knight Or.

The crest is: From a wreath Argent and Argent (Silver Gray) a rolled parchment scroll Proper supported by a wing Sable.

The regimental flag has a bottle green background with silver gray fringe.

Symbolism of Regimental Insignia. Silver gray, white and black represent the three types of Psychological Operations; white represents the overt processes, black is for the covert and gray for the hidden. The laurel wreath symbolizes honor and achievement. The center device is adapted from the Psychological Operations collar insignia. The chess knight represents the ability to act obliquely and influence all types of warfare. The lightning bolt swords denote speed and the ability to strike anywhere.

Colors: Bottle green has traditionally been used as the primary color on the Psychological Operations flags and guidons. The secondary color is silver gray.

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