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Finance Corps

Finance Corps Branch Insignia Information

Branch Insignia: A gold color diamond, 1 inch by 3/4 inch, short axis vertical.

In 1896, the diamond design (embroidered in silver or made of silver metal) was approved at the insignia of the Pay Department. In 1912, when the offices of The Quartermaster General, The Commissary General and The Paymaster General of the Army were consolidated into the Quartermaster Corps, the use of this design was discontinued. The design came into use again when the Finance Department was established in 1920. The design was retained when the Finance Department became the Finance Corps in 1950.

Branch Plaque: The plaque design has the branch insignia, letters and rim in gold. The background is silver gray.

Regimental Insignia: A gold color metal and enamel device 1 1/8 inch in height consisting of the shield adapted from the coat of arms and blazoned: Argent (Silver Gray), a globe Azure gridlined Or, overall in saltire a sword with point to sinister base Argent hilted Or and a quill Argent, superimposed at fess point a representation of the Finance Corps branch insignia Proper. Attached below a gold scroll inscribed with the words “TO SUPPORT AND SERVE” in blue letters. The insignia was originally approved on 8 September 1986, but the design was changed on 1 June 1988 to change the diamond from yellow enamel to a separate device in gold.

Regimental Coat of Arms: The coat of arms appears on the breast of a displayed eagle on the regimental flag. The coat of arms is: Argent (Silver Gray) a globe Azure grid lined of the first; overall in saltire a sword with point to sinister base Argent hilted Or and a quill Argent, superimposed a fess point, a representation of the Finance Corps insignia of branch Proper. Crest: On a wreath of the colors Argent and Azure, a gryphon passant Or, armed and langued Gules. The background of the flag is silver gray and the fringe is golden yellow.

Symbolism of Regimental Insignia: Silver gray and golden yellow are the colors associated with the Finance Corps and are universally symbolic of the treasury and monetary matters. The globe denotes the worldwide scope of the Corps’ mission. The sword and quill represent the Corps’ combat service support role. The diamond shape symbolizes the public monies entrusted to the Corps. The motto “TO SUPPORT AND SERVE” refers to the Corps’ mission. The gold gryphon in the crest represents treasure or money and, in Greek mythology, is the guardian of gold and treasure, thus symbolizing the vigilance of the Finance Corps in safeguarding the public funds entrusted to it.

Branch Colors: Silver gray piped with golden yellow. Silver gray – 65008 cloth; 67137 yarn; PMS 422. Golden Yellow – 65001 cloth; 67104 yarn; PMS 116.

Silver gray piped with golden yellow was prescribed for the Finance Corps in 1920.

Birthday: 16 June 1775. The Finance Corps is the successor to the old Pay Department, which was created in June 1775. The Finance Department was created by law on 1 July 1920. It became the Finance Corps in 1950.

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