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Developmental counseling statement sample covering Marriage

Counseling Sample For:

  • Marriage

Possible Key Points To Discuss During Counseling:

  • ID Card/ DEERS
  • TRICARE and how to make appointments for health problems
  • Change name with Social Security office
  • Change SGLI (if desired)
  • Change Next of Kin in unit paperwork (if desired)
  • Joint Domicile (if applicable)
  • Explain Power of Attorney
  • Add contact information to Family Readiness Group
  • Responsibility of Service member for family's conduct
  • Provide spouse with SSN and unit info
  • Inform spouse how to get messages to SM while in training or deployed, to include Red Cross Messages
  • On Post tour -location of commissary -PX to spouse
  • Army Family Team Building training for spouse
  • Points of contact the spouse can call for help i.e. Red Cross, ACS, Hospital,
  • Family care plan (if Needed)
  • On and off post Housing (policies, information)
  • Financial matters (BAH, BAS, no DLA for moving spouse in from out of area)
  • Who to address problems to in the military (using the chain of command)
  • ACS - Loan Closet, etc.
  • Refer to Chaplain for pre-marital counseling (if desired)

Possible Plans of Action:

  • Visit local Social Security office to change last name
  • Schedule appointment with ID Card section to enroll family in DEERS and receive ID Card(s)
  • Go to TRICARE office to enroll family and receive information on making appointments
  • Go to S-1 or PSB to change SGLI
  • Update alert roster, address, NOK personal data sheet, and FRG information with Orderly room
  • Schedule visit with ACS for possible budget counseling or Loan Closet use
  • Check with the Post Housing office for availability
  • Make appointment with legal for Power of Attorney
  • Schedule Post tour for spouse and myself
  • Encourage spouse to attend AFTB course
  • Inform spouse of all the support agencies and provide POCs for each

Possible Leader Responsibilities:

  • Give soldier time to accomplish missions
  • Provide SM information on Joint Domicile and how to apply
  • Inform FRG leader of new member and arrange meeting (face to face or telephonic) FRG leader can provide AFTB information
  • Provide information on Family care plan and schedule appointment with Commander for Counseling
  • Arrange appointments or find customer service hours and phone numbers for Orderly room, S-1, PSB, Legal, ACS, Housing office, TRICARE, (can usually obtain info from ACS welcome packet)
  • Provide time and date for next post tour
  • Personally greet spouse and welcome her or him to the team