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How to build the ultimate Baby Diaper Cake

Created by: Melissa Werner
Posted : Monday January 01, 1900
Building a diaper cake is easier than you may have thought

Below is a list of the items that are requires to prepare the baby diaper cake:

  • About 50 or so disposable diapers. (For a nicer looking cake, make sure they have a design printed on them by the waistband)
  • A decorative tray to put the completed diaper cake on.
  • You will need enough colorful ribbon to tie the wrapped diapers and to tie around each tier of the cake. If you are going to use 5 diapers, you need at least 50 feet of ribbon plus about 12 extra feet or so to tie around the tiers.
  • Adhesive Tape (clear)
  • Baby Bottle if you want to fill it with knick-knacks or candles to place on the top of the diaper cake.

Roll the diapers.

First you have to decide whether you want the images on the diaper to be showing on the diaper cake.

  • If you want the images to be shown, roll the diaper, starting at the fold in the diaper with the images on the outside of the roll. Be sure to roll the diaper tight.
  • If you do not want the images to be shown, roll the diaper with the images on the inside of the roll.

Sound confusing? Once you roll a diaper or two you will figure it out real quick.

Now, Tie each diaper roll with a piece of ribbon to hold the rolls in place.

Build the layers.

For this step, you are going to use the rolled up diapers to build the different layers of the cake. Of Course, the more diapers that you have rolled up, the more layers high that you can make the cake.

The Top Layer of a 3 layer diaper cake:
(The smallest layer)

If you are going to use a baby bottle on your diaper cake, fill the baby bottle with whatever knick-knacks you are going to put inside (some parties have given money in the baby bottles) and stand about 6 diapers around the baby bottle. Tie a piece of ribbon around the diapers that are standing up around the baby bottle to hold them in place.

The Middle Layer of a 3 layer diaper cake:
(The second smallest layer)

For the middle layer you will want to use about 15 to 20 diapers. Stand the diapers up and tie the bundle of diapers together using a piece of ribbon.

The Bottom Layer of a 3 layer diaper cake:
(The largest of the 3 layers)

This is going to be the largest layer. You will use the remaining roleld diapers that you have. Be sure that once completed, the layers look like they belong on a 3 layer cake. You do not want the top layer to be tiny, the middle layer only slightly larger and then a huge bottom layer.

If you use about 30 diapers, you should have a layer that looks like it "works" with the cake. Because this layer uses so many diapers, you may actually want to gather about 10 or so diapers, bundle them and tie them together with ribbon. Then take the remaining diapers and stand them up around the outside of that bundle, tying the bundle off when completed.

Assemble the layers and decorate the cake.

You are going to assemble the diaper cake on the platter. Place a few pieces of tape on the platter. Place the largest layer of the diaper cake on the platter. The tape will help to keep the layer from sliding off.

**Be sure not to use so much tape that the diapers will tear when the new mother takes the cake apart. She will definately need all the diapers that she can get.

Next, place a few pieces of tape on the top of the bottom layer, place the second largest layer on the top of the bottom layer. Do the same for the top (smallest) layer.

Now that you have the cake constructed you are going to want to decorate it with lots of baby knick-knacks and gifts. To decorate the cake, stick the items in the ribbon that was used to tie the bundles of diapers together for each layer or tape the items to the cake.

Below is a list of suggestions for what you can use to decorate the cake.

  • Gift cards for local stores such as Babies R Us, Walmart, etc..
  • Burp Cloths.
  • Pacifiers.
  • Hair Bows (for a girl's cake)
  • Baseball cards (for a boy's cake)
  • 1 Dollar bills (you can use any amount of money)
  • pretty much anything baby-related that you can think of.

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