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Use to report, update, or drop air, surface, subsurface, and ground tracks or points in the absence of a TADIL A or TADIL B link. Reference: FM 44-100.

LINE 1 — DATE AND TIME______________________________(DTG)

LINE 2 — UNIT________________________________________(Unit Making Report)

LINE 3 — ID___________________________________________(Identification: FRIENDLY, UNKNOWN, HOSTILE)

LINE 4 — POSITION____________________________________(UTM or Six-Digit Grid Coordinate With MGRS Grid Zone Designator)

LINE 5 — TRACK______________________________________(Track Number)

LINE 6 — HEADING____________________________________(Direction of Travel in Degrees True or Magnetic)

LINE 7 — SPEED_______________________________________(Speed of Movement in Knots)

LINE 8 — ALTITUDE____________________________________(Altitude in Hundreds of Feet)

LINE 9 — ENGAGED____________________________________(Engagement Status: YES or NO)

LINE 10 — NO. TYPE___________________________________(Number and Type of Craft: Two MIG 21s, Three Destroyers)

LINE 11 — SQUAWK___________________________________(IFF/SIF Mode and Code)

LINE 12 — MODE FOUR_________________________________(Confirmed Friend, No Response, Not Interrogated)

LINE 13 — CATEGORY__________________________________(Track Type: AIR, LAND, SURFACE, SUBSURFACE, or POINT)

LINE 14 — NARRATIVE_________________________________(Free Text for Additional Information Required for Clarification of Report)

LINE 15 — AUTHENTICATION___________________________(Report Authentication)

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