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Use to transmit the standard five-paragraph operation order (OPORD) and operation plan (OPLAN) that provide plans, instructions, and directives to subordinate and supporting military organizations. Reference: FM 101-5, FM 71-100, and FM 100-15.

LINE 1 — DATE AND TIME______________________________(DTG)

LINE 2 — UNIT ________________________________________(Unit Making Report)

LINE 3 — OPERATION (PLAN) ORDER____________________(Order Number)

LINE 4 — REFERENCES_________________________________(References)

LINE 5 — TIME ZONE __________________________________(TZ Used in OPORD/ OPLAN)

LINE 6 — TASK ORGANIZATION_________________________(TO of Unit)


a. ENEMY ______________________________________(Enemy Forces)

b. FRIENDLY____________________________________(Friendly Forces)

c. ATTACH/DET _________________________________(Attachments/Detachments)

d. ASSUMPTIONS (OPLAN ONLY)_________________(OPLAN only)

LINE 8 — MISSION_____________________________________

LINE 9 — EXECUTION INTENT___________________________

a. CONCEPT ____________________________________(Concept of Operation)

(1) MANEUVER_______________________________(Maneuver Units)

(2) FIRES ____________________________________(Fire Support Elements)


(4) INTELLIGENCE____________________________(MI Elements)

(5) ENGINEER________________________________(Engineer Elements)

(6) AIR DEFENSE _____________________________(ADA Elements)

(7) INFORMATION OPERATIONS_______________(Information Ops Elements)

b. TASKS TO MANEUVER UNITS __________________(Tasks to Maneuver Units)

c. TASKS TO COMBAT SUPPORT UNITS____________(Tasks to CS Units)

(1) INTELLIGENCE____________________________(Tasks to MI Units)

(2) ENGINEER________________________________(Tasks to Engineer)

(3) FIRES ____________________________________(Tasks to Fire Support Elements)

(4) AIR DEFENSE _____________________________(Tasks to ADA Elements)

(5) SIGNAL __________________________________(Tasks to Signal Elements)

(6) NBC _____________________________________(Tasks to NBC Elements)

(7) PROVOST MARSHAL_______________________(Tasks to PM Elements)

(8) PSYOP ___________________________________(Tasks to Special Ops Elements)

(9) CIVIL MILITARY___________________________(Tasks to CA Elements)

(10) AS REQUIRED____________________________

d. COORDINATING INSTRUCTIONS _______________(Coordinating Instructions)

(1) TIME ORDER/PLAN IN EFFECT______________(DTG of Effective Time of Plan/Order)

(2) CCIR_____________________________________(CDR’s CCIR by Priority and Phase)

(3) RISK MGMT______________________________(Risk Reduction Control Measures)

(4) ROE_____________________________________(Rules of Engagement)

(5) EPA _____________________________________(Environmental Concerns)

(6) FORCE PROTECTION______________________(Force Protection Measures)

(7) AS REQUIRED ____________________________(When Needed)


a. SUPPORT CONCEPT___________________________(Concept of Support)

b. MATERIAL AND SERVICES_____________________


d. PERSONNEL__________________________________

e. CIVIL MILITARY______________________________

f. AS REQUIRED_________________________________


a. COMMAND __________________________________(Command)

b. SIGNAL______________________________________(Signal)


LINE 12 — ACKNOWLEDGE_____________________________(Mandatory)

LINE 13 — CDR NAME/RANK____________________________(Commander’s Name andRank)

LINE 14 — ANNEX A___________________________________(TO Instructions and Format)

LINE 15 — ANNEX B___________________________________(INTEL Instructions and Format)

LINE 16 — ANNEX C___________________________________(OPS Overlay Instructions and Format)

LINE 17 — ANNEX D___________________________________(Fire Support Instructions and Format)

LINE 18 — ANNEX E___________________________________(ROE Instructions and Format)

LINE 19 — ANNEX F___________________________________(Engineer Instructions and Format)

LINE 20 — ANNEX G___________________________________(ADA Instructions and Format)

LINE 21 — ANNEX H___________________________________(Signal Instructions and Format)

LINE 22 — ANNEX I____________________________________(CSS Instructions and Format)

LINE 23 — ANNEX J____________________________________(NBC Ops Instructions and Format)

LINE 24 — ANNEX K___________________________________(PM Instructions and Format)

LINE 25 — ANNEX L___________________________________(R&S Instructions and Format)

LINE 26 — ANNEX M___________________________________(Deep Ops Instructions and Format)

LINE 27 — ANNEX N___________________________________(Rear Ops Instructions and Format)

LINE 28 — ANNEX O___________________________________(A2C2 Instructions and Format)

LINE 29 — ANNEX P___________________________________(CCW Instructions and Format)

LINE 30 — ANNEX Q___________________________________(OPSEC Instructions and Format)

LINE 31 — ANNEX R___________________________________(PSYOP Instructions and Format)

LINE 32 — ANNEX S___________________________________(Deception Instructions and Format)

LINE 33 — ANNEX T___________________________________(EW Instructions and Format)

LINE 34 — ANNEX U___________________________________(Civil-Military OPS Instructions and Format)

LINE 35 — ANNEX V___________________________________(PA Instructions and Format)

LINE 36 — NARRATIVE_________________________________(Free Text for Additional Information Required for Clarification of Report

LINE 37 — AUTHENTICATION___________________________(Report Authentication)

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