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Use to request preplanned and immediate close-air support, interdiction, reconnaissance, surveillance, escort, helicopter airlift, and other aircraft missions. For expedient hard copy or voice request use DD Form 1972 (Revised) 15 NOV 1994 (see Figure A020) or Sample TACAIR Briefing Form (see Figure A015).

LINE 1 — DATE AND TIME______________________________(DTG)

LINE 2 — UNIT________________________________________(Unit Making Report)

LINE 3 — EXER________________________________________(Exercise ID)

LINE 4 — OPER________________________________________(Operation ID Data)

LINE 5 — MSGID_______________________________________(AIRSUPREQ)

LINE 6 — REF__________________________________________(Reference)

LINE 7 — AMPM_______________________________________(Amplification)

LINE 8 — NARRATIVE__________________________________(Free Text for Additional Information Required for Clarification of Report

LINE 9 — CANX _______________________________________(Message Cancellation With New Information Provided)

LINE 10 — PERID______________________________________(Effective DTG of Requested Mission)

LINE 11 — REQUEST___________________________________(Air Mission Request Information)

LINE 12 — MSNLOC____________________________________(Air Mission Location Information)

LINE 13 — CONTROL___________________________________(Air Mission Control Agency Information)

LINE 14 — GNDFRNF___________________________________(Ground Location Information of Friendly Troops)

LINE 15 — TGTDESC ___________________________________(Target Description Information)

LINE 16 — GUIDED_____________________________________(Laser Guided Weapons Information)

LINE 17 — BEACON____________________________________(Beacon Description)

LINE 18 — SHIPTGT____________________________________(Ship Target Information)

LINE 19 — SHIPPOS____________________________________(Ship Position and Movement Data)

LINE 20 — MOVAA_____________________________________(Movement and Antiair Warfare Axis Information)

LINE 21 — FACSCD_____________________________________(Forward Air Controller Aircraft Schedule)

LINE 22 — EWDATA____________________________________(Electronic Warfare Information)

LINE 23 — CHAFE______________________________________(Chafe Mission Information)

LINE 24 — RECDATA___________________________________(Reconnaissance Mission Information)

LINE 25 — DELADDR___________________________________(Delivery Address)

LINE 26 — REPORT_____________________________________(Report Requirements)

LINE 27 — AIRDROP____________________________________(Drop Zone Data)

LINE 28 — ROUTE______________________________________(Aircraft Route Data)

LINE 29 — REFUELD____________________________________(Air-to-Air Refueling Data)

LINE 30 — REFUEL_____________________________________(Air-to-Air Refueling)

LINE 31 — ESCDATA___________________________________(Escort Mission Data)

LINE 32 — AUTHENTICATION___________________________(Report Authentication)

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