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Hi, Ho, Lock And Load

Hi ho, lock and load
The engines are running we’re ready to go
To kill the enemy, take control
So early in the morning

M-1s on the hill
The tank commander is ready to kill
He gives the order “fire at will”
So early in the morning

Bradleys are moving slow
You see him stop and raise the TOW
To hit them with that fatal blow
So early in the morning

Apaches fill the sky
The F-16s go zooming by
The enemy is about to die
So early in the morning

Sniper on the ground
He’s moving in without a sound
He locks and loads a single round
So early in the morning

Tracers flying overhead
While the cooks are sleeping in their beds
But they don’t know they’ll soon be dead
So early in the morning

Gas gas don your mask
You pray to god it’s just a test
Cuz if it’s not you’ll shit your pants
So early in the morning

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