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Hi Ho, Lock and Load (Patriot Version)

Hi Ho Lock and Load
The sound of the Radar is loud and bold
14 Echoes are ready to roll
So early, so early, so early in the morning

Outta my rack at a Quarter to Four
The Captain yells We’re Going to War
Grabbed my ruck on my way out the door
So early in the morning

Grabbed my dispatch, grabbed my keys
A Tangos crying on his knees
The tanks are full, we’re heading out
So early, so early, so early in the morning

Emplace the Big Four there and now
The Launchers stuck I don’t know how
All Tangos do is drive and drive
So early in the morning

Prime Powers up, the Radars done
Echoes are out just having fun
The Chock Blocks (Tangos) are digging
The excitements begun
So early in the morning

Finally the launchers up
The fibers in, that’s just plain luck
The ICC is happy now
So early in the morning

Monitor both day and night
Blasting Scuds from left to right
14 Echoes lead the way
So early, so early, so early in the morning

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