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Performance standards, initiatives and professional growth Areas

Developmental counseling statement sample covering Performance standards, initiatives and professional growth Areas

Counseling Sample For:

  • This is to inform soldier of expected performance standards, initiatives and professional growth Areas to include the following:
    1. UCMJ Actions
    2. Professional Military Appearance
    3. Meet physical fitness and Height/Weight Standards IAW FM 21-20 and AR 670-9
    4. Resolution of problems through Chain of Command
    5. Family Readiness and Support
    6. Promotions and Advancements
    7. MOS Skills Proficiency
    8. Attendance

Possible Key Points To Discuss During Counseling:

1. As a Soldier in the US Army when on duty you fall under the UCMJ and need to act accordingly. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

2. Also as a Soldier you are required to maintain the highest appearance standards, when in uniform you represent more than just your self you represent all of the Soldiers that came before you and those that will follow in your footsteps. Keep up the standards and exceed them whenever possible.

3. Being a member of the Army also means that you need to keep yourself in excellent physical condition. As a member of a reserve unit you are responsible for making sure that you are able to pass your PT test and the weigh in every 6 months. Consecutive failure in this can result in
adverse administrative actions and or discharge from the Army Reserves. If you need assistance I am available to give guidance at any time.

4. If at anytime you are dissatisfied with anything feel free to bring that problem up to your chain of command. Starting with your team chief then your squad leader, ect. You need to know your chain of command if you do not know it then ask.

5. Taking care of your family (if applicable) is an important part of being in the Army Reserves. You are the one responsible for their well being. Encouraging family members to actively participate in family support activities is important, as when you are gone your family needs to
have someone to ask for help. And giving that help is what the Family Readiness Group is for.

6. Promotion is not something that is given it is something that is earned. Some people get the misconception that just because they have done the time they deserve to be promoted, this is not the case in this section. In order to be promoted you must prove that you deserve it.

7. As a reservist in order to maintain proficiency in your MOS you must take the time out of your own schedule to keep you skills sharpened. During drills training is the main priority, and as your supervisor I will make every effort to give you the training you need. But ultimately you are the one responsible for making sure you know your job

8. Attendance of Drills and Annual Training (AT) is one of the most important aspects of being a reservist. Drills and AT is where you receive your training and the way you get paid. To put it bluntly if you don’t come to drill you wont get paid nor will you get the points necessary for you to be able to retire. You can RST (Reschedule Training) for very few reasons and you need to contact your supervisor at least 2 weeks prior to drill. Also you must RST the missed Drill within
30 days of the drill. Failure to attend “drills” and or “AT” can result in adverse administrative action and or discharge from the Armed Forces.

Possible Plans of Action:

  • A review of the expected performance standards,initiatives and professional growth items will be done on a quarterly basis.

Possible Leader Responsibilities:

  • N/A

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