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Armor / Tank Crewman Loader

Developmental counseling statement sample covering Armor / Tank Crewman Loader

Counseling Sample For:

Armor / Tank Crewman Loader

Possible Key Points To Discuss During Counseling:

  • Close out last quarter’s counseling (Assessment Section of DA Form 4856-e)
  • Comment on the successful completion of last quarter’s goals
  • Discuss new ways to achieve the goals not accomplished from last quarter
  • Outline new goals for the next quarter
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Machinegun maintenance
  • RTO procedures
  • BII
  • LP/OP
  • NBC
  • Aircraft Recognition
  • Ammunition Safety
  • Bore Sighting
  • Prisoners of War (PWs)
  • Army Values
  • Military Bearing
  • Physical Fitness/Weight Control
  • Promotion
  • Accountability
  • Awards
  • Pay

Possible Plans of Action:

  • Assist the driver in performing vehicle maintenance
  • Perform routine maintenance and cleaning on the machine gun
  • Continue to practice radio procedures and take the next SINCGARS class
  • Always inventory BII before, during and after each mission
  • Always run a land line when setting up an LP/OP
  • Deploy the M8 alarm when moving into position and recover the M8 when moving out
  • Continue to study the aircraft recognition cards and have a team member assist by asking questions daily
  • Always check the ammunition to ensure that its clean and not damaged
  • Responsible for bore sighting the machine gun and assisting the gunner in bore sighting the main gun
  • Review the procedures in handling PWs and assist the team leader in giving the PW class during Sergeant’s Time Training next week
  • Maintain a copy of the Army Values card on person and live by it
  • Run a couple of mile three days a week after duty hours to improve time on the run during the APFT
  • Take one college class in the evening per term to work towards associates degree and promotion points
  • Become proficient in current job and make that next step to Gunner and then on to Tank Commander

Possible Leader Responsibilities:

  • Spot check maintenance on the machine gun
  • Provide soldier with a set of flash cards on aircraft recognition
  • Rehears the PW class day before Sergeant’s Time Training
  • Provide soldier with an Army Values Card and Tag
  • Run PT with the soldier in the evening to help motivate the soldier
  • Provide the soldier the time to attend college class in the evening

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