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Fort Polk NCOA Leaders Book

Leadersbook from the Fort Polk NCOA Website. PDF version of the leadersbook.

Click here to download the Leadersbook.

Personal Data:

  • Soldier’s Privacy Act Statement

  • Daily Personnel Status

  • Soldier’s Personal Data Sheet

  • Counseling


  • Awards

  • Unresolved Soldier Issues

  • Section Strip Map to Home

  • Platoon Sergeant’s Duties

  • Platoon Leader’s Duties

  • Leader’s Biography

Battle Focus:

  • Sample 5 Paragraph Operation Order

  • Pre-Combat Checklist

  • Packing List

  • Deployment Checklist

  • Deployment Sequence of Events

  • Platoon Convoy Management List

  • Mission Essential Task List (METL)

Equipment Data:

  • Platoon Equipment Density List

Training Management:

  • Major Training/Collective Training Objective

  • Training Requirement

  • Individual Training Status

  • Individual Weapon Training Status

  • Team/Squad/Platoon Training Status

  • Special Purpose Team Training Status

  • Pre-Execution Checklist

  • After Action Review

  • Team/Squad/Section Platoon Training

Scheduled Events:

  • Daily Activities Calendar

  • Long Range Calendar

  • Yearly Training Calendar

  • MOS Training Schedules

Chain of Command:

  • Chain of Command

  • NCO Support Channel

  • Chain of Concern

Phone Listing:

  • Alert Roster

  • Important Numbers

  • Miscellaneous Numbers

  • Quick Reference Addresses


  • Sources of Information for NCO’s

  • Forms

  • Articles of the UCMJ

  • Guidelines for Involuntary Separation IAW AR 635-200

  • Class A Uniforms

  • Army Ribbons

  • CTT Notice

  • Promotion Criteria

  • Risk Assessment

  • Acronyms

  • Unit History

  • Army Song

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