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First Aid

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Airway Management» Airway Management
Assess for Airway Obstruction! Improve/Establish Airway Through Maneuvers. Remove Debris/Suction. Airway Adjuncts:

Trauma- Focused Individual Training» Trauma- Focused Individual Training
Soldiers continue to die on today's battlefield just as they did during the Civil War. The standards of care applied to the battlefield have always been based on civilian care principals. These principals while appropriate for the civilian community often do not apply to care on the battlefield.

Cold Weather Injury Prevention» Cold Weather Injury Prevention
Contributing Factors, Signs and Symptoms, Treatment and Types of Cold Weather Injuries.

Heat Injuries» Heat Injuries
Types, treatment, risk factors, control measures

Thoracic Trauma» Thoracic Trauma

Extremity Trauma» Extremity Trauma
Identify and treat fractures and soft tissue injuries in a tactical environment.

Triage» Triage
In casualty management sorting of a large number of injured personnel is the 1st stage in establishing order. Triage sets the stage for treatment and eventuates in transport of the injured

Put on a Field Dressing, Pressure Dressing and Tourniquet» Put on a Field Dressing, Pressure Dressing and Tourniquet
Apply a field dressing, elevation, manual pressure, a pressure dressing, and a tourniquet, as needed, to a wound on a casualty's limb

Casualty Evacuation Operations» Casualty Evacuation Operations
The purpose of this briefing is to provide an overview of casualty evacuation procedures and to provide you the information necessary to set up a SOP for casualty evacuation procedures at your respective sites

First Aid Class» First Aid Class

MEDEVAC for Medical Staff» MEDEVAC for Medical Staff
BLACKHAWK load options, MEDEVAC vs. CASAVAC In-flight interventions and limitations, Physical size, limitations Total "transfer time" vs. "flight time", "written orders" vs. "standing orders"

Preventive Medicine Measures» Preventive Medicine Measures

Prevent Shock» Prevent Shock
Identify the procedures for preventing/controlling shock.

Perform First Aid to Clear an Object stuck in the throat of a Conscious Casualty» Perform First Aid to Clear an Object stuck in the throat of a Conscious Casualty

Perform First Aid For Burns» Perform First Aid For Burns

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