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» Excitement Heating Up Over New Extended-Cold-Weather Gear
The new Generation III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System takes the latest insulating and wicking materials that have become hot tickets among skiers, snowmobile riders and other extreme-sports enthusiasts and adapting them for soldiers operating in demanding arctic conditions.

» Army takes proactive strides to manage combat stress
Combat stress is any type of mental stress or mental strain from being in combat

» New ASEP partners to employ Army spouses
We place great importance on increasing Army spouse employment because it is the right thing to do and because the Army understands that Soldier retention is closely linked to how well we care for each Soldier's family

» Army recruiting messages help keep Army rolling along
Slogans, along with recruiting posters, have been used by the Army since the earliest days to help fill its ranks.

» Army unveils new advertising campaign "Army Strong"
The Army Strong campaign will build on the foundation of previous recruiting campaigns by highlighting the transformative power of the Army.

» Pace Says Differing Tour Lengths Affect Deployment Morale
Marine Gen. Peter Pace said that when he visits combat zones, morale generally is high. But after a bit of digging, he said, he finds the different tour length policies among the services work against morale.

» Warrior competition reflects changes in training, Army mission
The event features significant changes from years past to better reflect the Army's current state of training and its war on terror mission.

» Uniform Supply: Army Direct Ordering for Soldiers deployed in support of operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom
ADO is for replacement only, not initial issue. Units can enroll and use ADO after their first 30 days in theater.

» Warriors battle for top Army honors
The fifth annual Department of the Army NCO/Soldier of the Year Competition brings together warriors from the ranks of private to sergeant first class who have proven themselves through company, battalion, division and major command levels.

» No free credit monitoring for veterans
On the basis of the FBI's analysis, the administration has concluded that credit monitoring services and the associated funding will no longer be necessary

» Some Soldiers eligible for MGIB benefits transfer
The Army will study the results of the program with the possibility of making it a permanent part of the Army's reenlistment policies.

» Army MARS program still going strong
The U.S. Army Military Affiliated Radio System is still going strong with morale and welfare phone-patching and MARS messages

» Program helps deployed Soldiers nix the butts
Soldiers can receive nicotine patches, gum and prescription drugs to help them stave off the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal

» Quality of Army recruits remains high
More than 60 percent of the recruits came from the top half of mental-aptitude categories

» Army Civilian Corps established
The Army Civilian Corps is meant to unify the Army civilian service and embody the commitment of civilians who serve as an integral part of our Army team

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