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Army releases game-based training tool - SLIM ES3

The simulation immerses Soldiers into scenario-driven events to teach and evaluate a Soldier’s knowledge regarding the essential tactics

The Training and Doctrine Command deputy chief of staff for intelligence released the “Every Soldier a Sensor” simulation today Army-wide. The self-directed-learning Internet module, known as SLIM ES3, is a computer-based simulation designed to increase Soldiers’ battlefield situational awareness.

“The current objective for the SLIM ES3 effort is to produce a spiral software release that will be available via Army Knowledge On-line based on Soldiers’ lessons-learned from [Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom],” said Maj. Raymond Compton, director of military operations at the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command’s Simulation and Training Technology Training Center. “The purpose is to ensure the effort remains relevant to training, supporting Soldiers in tasks related to ‘every Soldier is a sensor.'”

RDEC’s Sgt. 1st Class Paul Ray Smith Simulation and Training Technology Training Center, as well as the Institute for Creative Technologies, developed a game-based module to train Soldiers on the concept “every Soldier is a sensor.” The ES3 simulation uses state-of-the-art instructional development strategies to support a Soldier’s need to master a variety of competencies of “every Soldier is a sensor” (ES2) and apply them in unique situations.

The simulation immerses Soldiers into scenario-driven events to teach and evaluate a Soldier’s knowledge regarding the essential tactics, techniques and procedures required to successfully perform as a sensor on the ground. The Soldier navigates urban terrain populated with civilians, security personnel, non-governmental organizations, insurgents and improvised explosive devices, seeking to detect threats of varying significance while attempting appropriate interaction with those they encounter.

Using patrol scenarios in an urban environment styled similar to locations in OIF and OEF, ES3 trains Soldiers to actively scan and observe their environment for details related to commanders’ critical information requirements indicators and report or act in a concise and accurate manner.

TRADOC began working on the means to improve Soldiers’observation and reporting skills immediately after the ES2 concept was articulated. Based on this guidance, TRADOC is conducting a pilot program using SLIM ES3 with 2nd Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment, 1st Basic Combat Training Brigade, Fort Jackson, S.C., under the guidance of Col. Jay W. Chambers Jr., commander of 1st BCT.

“The [SLIM-ES3] program is a vital part of the transformation of basic combat training here at Fort Jackson,” said Chambers. “This tool provides our trainers the means to teach our Soldiers the skills they need to be successful in the contemporary operating environment.”After completing a comprehensive pilot program in 2nd Bn., 28th Inf. Regt., our young warriors are demonstrating improved awareness skills at every level during very demanding field-training exercises,” Chambers said. “We are now postured to introduce ES3 to a much wider population at Fort Jackson and potentially across TRADOC.”

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