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What Army Regulation covers the Army Retention Program?
AR 601-280
What are some reasons that a soldier may be ineligible for reenlistment?
If the soldier is barred or flagged and if the soldier is enrolled in ASAP
What is an SRB?
Selective Reenlistment Bonus
What is the minimum number of years that a soldier must reenlist for to be eligible for an SRB?
Three years
Can a Soldier request separation if a bar to reenlistment is imposed?
Describe a Bar to Reenlistment.
Administrative action initiated by the commander to prevent a substandard soldier from reenlisting or reentering the service
A Bar to Reenlistment is reviewed how often?
Every three months or 30 days prior to PCS / ETS
Who can initiate a Bar to Reenlistment?
Any commander in the soldier’s chain of command
Who is the final approving authority for a Bar to Reenlistment?
A Commander who is one approval level higher than the commanding authority
Soldiers SGM and below who have not reenlisted under the indefinite reenlistment program are required to receive Retention Interviews. When are they done?
  • Career Counselor:  30 days from arrival to unit
  • Unit Commander 90 days from arrival
  • Unit Commander 15-16 months prior to ETS
  • Career Counselor 13-14 months prior to ETS
  • Career Counselor 4 months prior to ETS
  • Reserve Component Career counselor 90-120 days prior to ETS
Who may lift a Bar?
The same authority that approved the Bar may lift it with a written recommendation by the unit Commander

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