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Posted : Tuesday January 1, 1980
Created by: MSG Randall High, U.S. Army (ret)
JIU Benefits Army Students as a Servicemember Opportunity College

Because it is a Servicemember Opportunity College, Jones International University works with the U.S. Army to provide a professional education to soldiers, veterans, reservists, guard and their dependents. Specific Army programs are available including:

  • GoArmyED: upfront tuition assistance
  • Recruiting Command Concurrent Admissions Program (ConAP) partner

From targeted training to credit transfers, financial aid to admissions programs, JIU is prepared to work within the Army to further personalize your educational experience.

Targeted Training for Soldiers Begins With Career Services
Educators and staff at Jones International University know you have goals as an Army student. When you're earning a professional certificate at JIU, your needs are met in JIU's career services department:

  • Build on your current Army and civilian experience and ability
  • Map out an educational path to career advancement
  • Determine your learning style to help optimize your education

Whether you're returning to school after a long time away or you're adding a degree to years of Army experience, the resources at Jones International University help smooth your transition back to school.

Global Learning Communities at Jones International University
At Jones International University, Army personnel and civilians alike benefit from a global learning community with a perspective that extends beyond the traditional college campus. Build lifetime relationships with fellow JIU students and professors as you earn your degree or certificate online. Your personal network grows far beyond the limits of your hometown, stretching to encompass a world of global perspectives.

Jones International University is a participant in Sentinels of Freedom, Troops to Teachers, and Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) programs. In addition, JIU was one of only four universities chosen for the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) program. By participating in these exclusive programs, JIU allows you to further expand your reach in a global academic community, mixing your Army experience with an enriching education.

Army Students Benefit from a Project-Based Education
Your education at Jones International University has been created with your eventual career success in mind. To that end, JIU professors have created project-based programs that translate to real-world success in the workforce. With an education at JIU, you learn to:

  • Apply lessons to real-world problems
  • Build your expertise and add experience to your resume
  • Blend your Army and academic knowledge

Unlike college degree programs with little application in the real world, Jones International University programs offer a direct line to your career future.

Manage Your Career Future at Jones International University
Use their Career Management Resources to build your personal career portfolio, and master the application and interview process to help land a dream job. Take charge of your career path and manage your future success. Whether your goals as an Army student lie in professional advancement or personal enrichment, an education from JIU gives you the power to control your path.