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An Online Degree Adds Up to a Great Accounting Career

Accounting is one of the most stable yet growing fields in the U.S. job market.  Accountants use high-tech programs to track accounts for companies of all types across the United States, and soldiers can prepare for to enter the career field while still in the service.
Crunching the Numbers: Why an Online Accounting Degree Adds Up for Soldiers
Think college is too expensive? Through the Army Tuition Assistance Program, soldiers can take courses online, earning online degrees in a multitude of promising fields—like accounting. Online accounting courses typically include instruction in management, organizational behavior, economics and finance. Online degree holders have a number of lucrative and creative career options once they graduate, and accounting salaries can start at as much as $40 thousand a year.

There are a number of other reasons why online degree programs make sense for soldiers, too. For starters, they allow you to complete coursework wherever and whenever you can. Just found out you’re going to be transferred? Take the classroom with you. Also, online programs for accounting specifically make sense. Accounting is a numbers game, and the pros use sophisticated computer software to track them. With online programs, you’re already on your computer. Unlike lab-based programs, like chemistry or engineering, everything you need to succeed is quite literally at your fingertips.

Putting Your Online Accounting Degree to Good Use
With an online degree in accounting, you can choose from a variety of careers in the field. An accountant starting at the Portland, Oregon office of the company AppleOne, for example, would work on budgeting and billing.

 Since almost every employer requests applicants that are hard working and able to work both independently and in teams, former service members are a perfect fit. However you slice it, the skills you gain in the Army will easily transferred to a career in Accounting.

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