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Multimedia Careers in the Civilian World

As a Multimedia Illustrator (25M), you gathered computer skills and practical experience that you can take with you to the civilian job market. With the right training, you can translate these skills and experiences into a career as an Electronic Pagination System Operator . In order to prepare for this transition, you need professional training, so it is a good thing you have military tuition benefits.
From 25M to a Career in Electronic Pagination
Electronic Pagination System Operators use computer equipment to call up type and a variety of art elements from databases. They then lay this material out using the style sheets and formatting templates commonly used where they work. The final composition should be easy to look at and read, yet sharp and stylish. This kind of work takes a high level of creativity.

How You Can Prepare
A degree in graphic design complements the skills you already have from the service and can prepare you for a career as an Electronic Pagination Systems Operator . You can take courses in graphic design from a variety of art and design schools all over the country. This coursework can enhance your creativity while building the skills and knowledge base you need as a civilian professional.

How the Army Can Help
If you are still in the service, you can begin taking online classes in graphic design now, wherever you're stationed. Use your tuition benefits and take classes free. You can also build promotion points with each class you take, while you prepare for your future. If you are already a civilian, but were enlisted for at least three years, you can use your GI Bill to pay for coursework. Either way, invest in your own bright and creative future.

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