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Job Growth for Network Systems Administrators Is Rapid

In the Army, there are hundreds of well tested systems put into place to make sure daily operations run smoothly. Many of these systems are technical. Corporations, organizations, companies and even the US Government have similar systems in place to keep records, make transactions, allow for electronic communications, and many other networked tasks. Employers across the country need well-trained and disciplined staff members to administer their networks. This could be you.
Career Spotlight: Network Systems Administrators (NSAs)
NSAs are the internet technology (IT) pros who ensure computer networks already in place run smoothly. They also develop new systems that help companies stay competitive. Installing and monitoring security programs in order to protect confidential information is another important aspect of this career, as is maintaining hardware and software, analyzing technical problems, and managing a team of network specialists.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, rapid job growth is expected in this field until 2014.  Those who hold bachelor’s degrees and certifications can expect to earn between $46,260 and $73,620.

A Degree in Network Systems Administration Is the Next Step
Network systems administrators must typically earn bachelors’ degrees.  Along with the training you received in the service, a degree will help you start a career once you leave the Army.  You can begin taking Computer/IT classes online now while you serve.

By the way, did you know that you can earn 1.5 promotion points for every unit of civilian education (up to 100)? That means the time you spend studying will help you get ahead in the service right now in addition to helping you prepare for a post-Army career.

The Army’s Tuition Assistance Program Can Help
Remember, the Army’s Tuition Assistance Program can help you pay for online courses. This program will likely cover the cost of the courses you need in order to complete your degree and begin a post-Army career.  This field in particular is a good one to invest your time in.  Not only will your degree bring you important technical skills, but it will open the door to a well paying career.

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