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Planning for Success after the Military

Whether you plan to spend 2 years or 30 years in the Army, you'll be a civilian again at some point. The Army has several programs to help you prepare to transition to a civilian career, but your success depends on your own initiative. A military career is full of opportunities to plan for future success. The key is keeping an eye out for those opportunities and pursuing them when they come along.

Civilian Education - College Degrees Pay Off for Soldiers
The power of a degree to help you obtain employment outside the military cannot be overstated, so you would do well to aggressively pursue an education. The Army now offers 100% Tuition Assistance for college, which means than any soldier can now afford a college degree. The problem, of course, is making time for an education in an era of frequent, long-term deployments. Between local colleges, on-post education centers, and online education, however, all that lies between a soldier and a degree is the soldier's willingness to put in the required work. In fact, online degree programs even allow you to study while you serve, wherever you're stationed. Just be sure to choose a degree that both interests you and offers you opportunities for a future job.

Career Training in the Military and Beyond...
The Army offers many opportunities for career training as part of normal military training. Many Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs) translate directly to civilian job skills, especially in support technical fields such as mechanic or truck-driver. Even outside of MOS-skills, other courses that can help you find civilian employment are often available, such as courses in handling hazardous materials or managing unit airlift operations. Many of these courses, and the certification they provide, represent skills very much in demand in the civilian world.

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