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Jobs that Use Your Military Skills

If you hold a vocational or technical job in the military, you may have no difficulty finding employment when you become a civilian. These are career opportunities for military truck drivers, mechanics, cooks, and engineers among others. Some jobs, like infantry and military intelligence, seem to have no direct civilian counterpart but may provide other skills that translate to a civilian career. Regardless of your military specialty, however, civilian jobs that fit your military skills are available.

Law Enforcement
All across the country, law enforcement agencies are looking for trustworthy applicants with combat training and experience with teamwork and tactical movement. These jobs are available at the federal, state, and local levels, in many different locations. A soldier usually requires less training than a civilian in order to fit into law enforcement jobs. And, if government work doesn't appeal to you, private security guard companies are looking for the same traits and skills, and are often willing to pay generously.

Federal Employment
Many federal jobs are available, whether with the U.S. Postal Service or with the Veterans' Affairs administration, for which military experience of any kind is a real bonus. Also, if you transition to a federal job, your time in the military can also provide credit toward your promotion and/or retirement.

Penal System
Prisons always need corrections officers, and experience dealing with a hostile environment makes a soldier a good candidate for this kind of work. Your experience with firearms and unarmed combative training also helps you in this field.

Security Clearance Positions
If you have ever held a military security clearance, employers in the government and the private sector are looking for you right now. Employers depend heavily on employees in sensitive positions who have proven to be trustworthy and who can obtain a security clearance.

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