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I – Glossary Terms

Created by: Melissa Werner
Posted : Monday January 01, 1900

in utero surgery
Surgery done in the uterus to correct an abnormality in a fetus.

in vitro fertilization
A procedure whereby an egg and sperm are fertilized in a petri dish (also known as test tube babies) outside the womb, and implanted later in a woman's uterus to help infertile couples conceive.

incompetent cervix
When the muscles of the cervix are too weak to hold a baby through pregnancy. A stitch may be placed at the opening of the cervix to hold it together. See cerclage.

Inability to control one's bladder or bowels. A common, temporary postpartum symptom that may be helped by Kegel exercises.

infant mortality
The death of an infant during the first year of life.

intraventricular hemorrhage
Bleeding into the ventricles or the brain, common in premature infants.

Similar to an incubator.

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