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Survival: Question #
What survival concept does each letter in the word SURVIVAL stand for?
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Questions in this topic: Survival

1 .
What survival concept does each letter in the word SURVIVAL stand for?
2 .
What is the FM that covers "Survival"?
3 .
What would your reaction be to an overhead flare at night?
4 .
What are the 9 common senses of Dehydration? (You may only have to name about 5 in a board)
5 .
What are the basic rules for water consumption in an arid area?
6 .
Is it always safe to eat and drink what the animals eat and drink?
7 .
In any situation, cleanliness is an important factor in preventing infection and disease. It becomes even more important in a survival situation. Poor hygiene can reduce your chances of survival. What are some key areas to focus on to maintain good personal hygiene?
8 .
Name 4 crucial factors in staying healthy
9 .
What is Stress?
10 .
Do we need STRESS?
11 .
What are a few of the common signs of distress you may find in yourself or fellow soldiers you may find when faced with too much stress?
12 .
What are some of the natural reactions / emotions you are likely to experience in a survival situation?
13 .
What are some of the difficulties in operating in arid areas?
14 .
What are some methods of improving the taste of wild plants?
15 .
What heat effects must be considered in an arid area?
16 .
Why should you only drink milk from green coconuts rather than ripe mature coconuts?
17 .
What are a few types of stresses that you could be exposed to in a Survival setting?
18 .
What is the depth of a hasty fighting position?
19 .
What is "Dead Space"?
20 .
What is “Scanning”?
21 .
What would your reaction be to an overhead flare?
22 .
What is the Low-crawl used for?
23 .
In order to maintain your heath, what rules must you follow?
24 .
When you have been firing from one position, what should you do before you move?
25 .
What is the High-crawl used for?
26 .
What is the most important need in a survival situation?
27 .
What are the five factors for selecting a hide site when evading the enemy?
28 .
What should you avoid when seeking shelter?
29 .
What are the eight rules for avoiding detection?
30 .
What is a "Rally Point"?

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