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What Kind of Payment Amounts Can I Expect from My Husband’s Post 9/11 GI Bill?

Author Ron Kness is no longer in the service.

Q: My husband and I submitted the transfer benefits request mid-January, I have received my confirmation letter, and my school has submitted my tuition and info to the VA GI Bill office nearest us about 2 weeks ago. I started school on April 1st though and knew they would only pay us from the date that we submitted the transfer request, but I was wondering how long after my school submits the info should I be expecting payments, and since I already started and have student loans established to pay my tuition, then where would the money go that my school receives on my behalf. Do they send one lump sum to the school or is it in small payments. My school is a VA approved certification school that I will be attending for about 16 months and totals nearly $18,000 with tuition and supplies. We are eligible for 60% tuition (my husband has served 12 months overseas) and he is an E5 for BAH! Just wanting an idea of how it might pan out and when to expect some info on $ amounts and date ranges of when to expect anything. Thanks!

A: Actually, you will only get paid starting from April 1st as that is when you started school. As far as when you will receive your first Post 9/11 GI Bill payment, it can take up to 8 weeks, so you most likely won’t see any money until the first part of June. After that you should get a monthly payment right after the beginning of each successive month in that semester. Then the process starts all over again.

You had asked about your school getting paid from the VA; they will get a lump sum EFT’d into their account for your tuition. Being you already paid your tuition, one of two things can happen.

One, after your school gets paid by the VA they would credit 60% of your tuition back to you, or two the VA would only pay you a monthly housing allowance and book stipend and not tuition to your school. I’m hoping for the first one, but it depends on how your school submitted the Certificate of Enrollment to the VA on your behalf.

Some schools require students to pay tuition upfront and then credit it back once they receive payment from the VA. If they are familiar with working with GI Bills, they probably did it right, but if not, they might have submitted it wrong.

However, I would ask how they do it as it can have a severe effect on how much you get from your GI Bill entitlement. The entitlement you use will be the same, however, under the first scenario, you get more money from each month of entitlement you use.

As far as how much you will get. Let’s start with the school. They should get paid 60% of your tuition and eligible fees. The remainder 40% would be your responsibility. Each month you should get $83 in book stipend money (because you are in a non-degree program).

I can’t tell you what you would get in monthly housing allowance because it is driven by the zip code of your school, however, the nation average right now is $1,300 for a full-time student. If you are in the Midwest, most likely you would get a little less. If on either the East or West coast, you should get more than the average.

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