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What Are the 40% and 50% Pay Rates for Schools in Ventura, CA?

Author Ron Kness is no longer in the service.

Q: Can you tell me the two pay rates for 40% and 50% for full-time schooling in Ventura, California?

A: The Post 9/11 GI Bill full housing allowance for the Ventura, CA zip code is $1,776 per month, so the 40% rate would be $710.40 with the 50% rate at $888.

As far as tuition and fees, the 100% amount for 2009/2010 is $335.75 per credit for tuition and $2,165.25 for fees. The 40% and 50% rates for tuition would be $134.30 and $167.88 per credit respectively and $866.10 and $1,082.63 respectively for fees.

The VA announced the New GI Bill 2010/2011 rates, which increases tuition for California to $391.75 per credit and $2,264.75 for fees. That breaks down into the 40% and 50% rates of $156.70 and $195.88 per credit respectively for tuition and $905.90 and $1,132.38 respectively for fees.

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