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Is There a List That Has All of the Schools That Pay for Tuition and Stipend Under Chapter 35?

Author Ron Kness is no longer in the service.

Q: I was wondering if there was a list of some sort that had all of the schools that paid for tuition and the stipend under Chapter 35 education benefits because in NE the chapter 35 pays for both but in other states it does not. Or am I receiving something else that pays the tuition I’m not aware of?

A: Because Chapter 35 is a Federal GI Bill program, the amount or what it pays does not vary between states or territories. So most likely you are getting a state benefit from the Nebraska Department of Veteran Affairs that is similar to Chapter 35.

In looking at Nebraska’s state veterans benefits, you might be talking about their Waiver of Tuition. The eligibility requirements are similar to those of Chapter 35, so they could be easily confused, but instead of you getting a monthly amount to apply toward tuition as with Chapter 35, Nebraska waivers the tuition for one degree, diploma, certificate from a community college or one bachelor’s degree.

Under Chapter 35, you would get a maximum of $1,003 per month for up to 44 months as a full-time student and you have to pay your own tuition. With a Waiver of Tuition, your tuition is paid for up to four 9-month academic years.

In reality, I think you are probably getting both – the Waiver of Tuition program is paying your tuition and Chapter 35 is providing you your stipend. Because one is federal and one state, you are entitled to both.

To answer your question, no I don’t know of a comprehensive list, but all the public schools in Nebraska should be eligible for the Waiver of Tuition program. What states offer their veterans varies widely. It runs the gambit from no education benefits at all to a full-blown State GI Bill, such as the one offered by the State of Minnesota.

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