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If I Have Both SLR and the G.I. Bill, When Do I Get My Full G.I. Bill Benefits?

Author Ron Kness is no longer in the service.

Q: Hello. I joined the Navy in October 2004. I also enrolled in the loan repayment program – these loans have been paid off for a few years now. Furthermore, I payed into the GI Bill when I enlisted as well. Five years later, I am now a veteran (honorable discharge) and am wondering if I will have 100% of my new GI Bill benefits. Thank you for your time.

A: No, you won’t have 100% of your Montgomery G.I. Bill benefits and you would get paid a lesser amount when you start school. When you signed up for the Student Loan Repayment (SLR) program, you incurred a three-year commitment to have your loans paid off. Since you can’t get both the G.I. Bill and SLR at the same time, you didn’t start “earning” your G.I. Bill until October 2007.

It takes three years to earn the full G.I. Bill benefits. Since you got out with a total of five years of service, and take off the three years for SLR, you would only have two years that would apply to your G.I. Bill. With less than three-years of service, you would get paid $1,111 per month in Montgomery G.I. Bill benefits instead of $1,368 with three years of qualifying service.

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