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Do I Get to Keep My Post 9/11 GI Bill or Not?

Author Ron Kness is no longer in the service.

Q: So I enlisted in the Army on Feb 8th 2006 for three years and 16 weeks. I reenlisted in Jan of 2009 for three more years. I got kicked out on Oct 18th 2011. Now everyone has been telling me that I get to keep my GI Bill, but when I submitted my 22-1990 to the VA, they denied my claim. Do I get to keep my GI Bill? Does they VA not know I reenlisted? Technically I got an honorable discharge right?

A: To answer your questions, yes you did get an Honorable Discharge from your first term of service and no the VA probably doesn’t know you reenlisted. If they had, then most likely they would have approved your VA Form 22-1990. So now it is your job to prove to them that you did in fact get an Honorable discharge from your first term of enlistment.

Did you get a DD256 Honorable Discharge Certificate when you reenlisted? You can use a copy of that form to prove that you were honorably discharged. Or you can send in a copy of your new DD4 papers. If your DD214 shows your reenlistment, you could also send in a copy of it as proof.

With over three years of service after September 10, 2001, you would have 36 months of Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits at the 100% tier that you should be able to use. Once the VA gets your proof of honorable discharge, along with your new VA Form 22-1990, they should approve your New GI Bill application.

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I’m an Active Duty Army LTC with over 24 years of AD service.

The message says “All soldiers who request TEB on/after 1 Aug 13 will incur a four-year service obligation regardless of time in service.”

I am going to be reviewed by the Selective Early Retirement Board (SERB) in August 2013 because I have been considered for COL 2 or more times and not selected. I am very confident that the board will select me to retire.

I want to transfer my GI Bill benefits to my 2 children in the most advantageous way possible. Does this message mean that I have to submit my TEB request immediately and it must be approved before 1 August 2013 (e.g., 20 days from now)? My concern is if I submit the TEB request right now, it might not get approved by 1 August and I’ll incur the 4-year ADSO.

Is there maybe a provision that exempts SERB targeted officers (e.g., me) from the ADSO?

I appreciate any clarification you can provide. This message is alarming and is almost a reason for me to go to my Congressman because – with over 24 years of active duty service – I earned my GI Bill fair and square (commissioned May 1989, active duty with zero gaps from then until present).

I understand your concern Sir, but like the message says, you have to request before August 1st. Your request does not have to be approved by August 1st.

And thank-you for your service Sir.

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