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Can My Daughter Use Her DEA Benefits at Any School?

Author Ron Kness is no longer in the service.

Q: My daughter is a survivor of a deceased active duty Army veteran. She has been approved to use DEA benefits for college. She wants to go to an out of state school. Can she use these benefits at any college or university?

A: I’m going to say yes, but with a qualifier. The school has to be on the VA-approved schools list. This is for both the VA’s and your daughter’s protection; schools on the list are guaranteed to be accredited.

The VA knows their money went to a valid source and your daughter received a degree worth something. Because the DEA is a federal program, she can use it anywhere in the United States and even at VA-approved foreign schools.

Under the DEA program, she gets 45 months of education benefit that she must use up by age 26 or lose. Right now, she can get $925 per month (2009 rate) to go to school full-time. That amount is adjusted every year on October 1st,so it will most likely change in the fall.

Have your daughter take her Certificate of Eligibility with her when she registers for school. Once registered, her school will send in VA Form 22-1999 Certificate of Enrollment to get her DEA benefits started.

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