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First Aid: Question #
What is Self Aid?
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What is Self Aid?
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Name some items that you might use as a splint from your military equipment
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What is the quickest way to splint a broken leg?
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How many pressure points, which can be used to control bleeding with fingers, thumbs or hands are there on the human body?
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What is the object of first aid?
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What FM covers first aid for soldiers?
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What is First Aid?
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What is the unique feature of type "O" blood?
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When would you not remove a casualties clothing to expose a wound?
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What soldiers are most likely to suffer heat injuries?
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How high should an injured limb be elevated above the heart to control bleeding?
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What are the lifesaving steps? (The ABC's of medical treatment)
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When applying splint, where should the bandages be tied?
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Whose first aid dressing should be used on a casualty?
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How should the ends of an improved pressure dressing be tied?
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What is manual pressure?
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Should a casualty be given water to drink?
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Why should you dress and bandage the wound as soon as possible?
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What should you do to indicate that a casualty has received a tourniquet?
20 .
Should you ever remove or loosen a tourniquet?
21 .
Where is a tourniquet applied?
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How can you prevent athlete's foot?
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Name 3 categories of heat injuries
24 .
What are the signs and symptoms of heat cramps?
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What is the treatment for heat cramps?
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What are the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion?
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What would the treatment be for heat exhaustion?
28 .
What are the signs and symptoms of heat stroke?
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What would the treatment be for heat stroke?
30 .
If a casualty were suspected of having a neck/spinal injury or severe head trauma, which method would you use for opening an airway?